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Added on Sunday 16 September 2007, 15:32 (BST)

Here's a quick catch up on some remixes that I have recently found or been told about... 

DJ Quentin Harris, who remixed Talullah has also recently remixed Corner Of The Earth (at least so I'm told!).  The remix can be heard from the downloads page of this site.

Another DJ, this time Harry Coade, recently remixed Seven Days In Sunny June and also Too Young To Die.  The remixes can be heard at his MySpace site.

If you've created any remixes and want to let them be known to a wider audience, feel free to post a comment to this news item along with a link to where it can be heard.

Credit: James Higgins, Kenneth Cochran

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Damn it...I bet they won't add Bosnia,huh?

Thanks a lot !!
listening now..

Btw, does anyone know the track contained in the mixset below?
Sounds like Keyboards from "Scam"
huge track! (at 9min20sec)

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