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Added on Monday 17 September 2007, 09:05 (BST)
According to an article in the Guardian newspaper (UK), Jamiroquai are one of a number of artists who have signed up to all dig down (short for All Digital Downloads), a new service which allows artists to sell music directly to fans."Artists can design their own studio pages on the site, and earn revenue from record sales and royalty payments from tracks streamed from the site."Other artists who have signed up include Jamie Cullum, the Verve and the Klaxons.More information about this can read at the Guardian website, and the full website is set to launch on 20 September.
Credit: Deesha Dyer

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hey that little man with the hat (:D) once said he would love to sell his music this way ( at 5 pound an album if I remembre correctly) maybe this is a promise caming true.


I really love buying the CD and sticking it in the player though, so I hope there's still that option.

¸Wrong Deja,he said five dollars ;)
Very good.the idea is absolutely awesome,and I guess this means that they've got something ready for us! :D

I guess Jay wasn't kidding, lol


This new development really is an exciting prospect, even bemused about by me in when contemplating Jamiroquai's independant music future. God, this means we could all pay download demos right literally from some computer straight from the Chillington studios. Sweet Jesus, the goosebumps are starting to pop up everywhere, this is GREAT NEWS! Thanks for the find Sister Deesh!


Oh sweet, that's great. J wasn't joking about heading the independent route and selling music for $5.00.

This is Huuuge!!

Great opportunity to post more songs than just one album every now and then! What about publishing Synkronized 1 and other never released songs? There should be a LOT of those! Can't wait to hear new songs!!

Good point Sjoerd!

This are good news, I just hope we can still find the 'physical' record in a normal REAL store :/ Im too old school to buy songs from the internet... is not my thing really, but if those are demos and unreleased stuff, count me in.


Dollars? even better with euro ;)

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