BBC In Concert recordings available at spodtronic Live!

Added on Sunday 16 September 2007, 12:10 (BST)

Since 1994, five of Jamiroquai's gigs have been recorded and now form part of the BBC In Concert recording series.  The full BBC In Concert series is the largest collection of live recordings in the world and a deal has recently been made to make the series available online and via mobile phones through the spodtronic Live! website.

Two Jamiroquai concert recordings are currently available - Wolverhampton 1994 and BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend gig from Sunderland in May 2005.

The service is only available in a limited number of countries, and it is hoped to expand this to include the US and Canada in the near future.

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:'( Argentina is't in the list

How come the UK aint on the list when these recordings were made in the UK and the BBC is a British institution?!

we all want them on cd more than download but i suppose i will have to do

Wolverhampton 94 : excellent gig
Sunderland 05 : the first of the Dynamite tour. Not excellent.

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