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Added on Sunday 16 September 2007, 07:44 (BST)
Jamiroquai - Montreux 2003 DVD artwork

Retailers in the US including, Barnes & Noble and Circuit City are listing a US NTSC format release of the forthcoming Live at Montreux 2003 DVD.  Prices are around the 13.49 dollar mark.

The DVD is set for stateside release on 30 October.  The UK release is now set for 22 October and the best pre-order price I've seen is from where it is 8.99 including delivery.

More information about the release can be found in the original news item announcing the release.

If you find any pre-order bargains and information about releases in other countries please feel free to let the fans know by posting a comment to this news item. 

Credit: Brent Armstrong

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looks like ill be pre-ordering it at hmv then

how does it work you pay now and they send it out on day of release? :S

I just found this :
kind regards to all fans

Hmv must have just listed it as i haven't spotted it on there before now. Im switchin to hmv then:)

On the subject of DVD's, it looks like Amazon in Germany are doing some sort of re-release of the Live In Verona DVD....

Montreux dvd is £8.97 including delivery at

They also have the Dynamite cd for £3.97 :P here in Australia also has it available from 22nd October. I wouldn't be surprised if that date changes though.

Thanks-just pre-ordered mine here in the States!

YES!!! My NTSC prayers were heard and have been answered! THANK YOU!!! I'm buying two when they come out!!!


Yep, much like fellow American fan Kenneth, yours truly pre-ordered his copy at his local independant record store! ;) Glad my finds for this newsitem helped you out David, hope you have a great autumn ;)! Roll on OCT. 30th! Cheers!

Your Friend,

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