Stillness In Time Groove Assassin remix

Added on Sunday 01 July 2007, 19:17 (BST)

After remixing Time Won't Wait in 2005 (news, discography), Nick Moss (also known as "Groove Assassin") has remixed Stillness In Time.

The remix can be heard by listening to the "Groove Assassin Productions + Remixes + Editz May 2007" mix at the Groove Assassin website (approximately 95 minutes into the mix).

Additionally, the remix can be found at the website of DJ Tony Humpries - listen to the PR03 Netshow mix and at approximately 6:20 into the mix you can hear Stillness In Time.

Credit: Claudio Piccarreta

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i dont like it as much as the TWW release but still think its a great little track that will show classic JMQ to the dance floors and maybe get some new fans (like those who were bought to the band by the morales mixes (not the ones that left as soon as they realized it was a mix though :P))

nice track although it could be a bit more varied

long overdue I'd say...captures the essence of the original...I'd be surprised to hear it on any dancefloor here in L.A. though.

Thanks for sharing that Claudio, I'm a fan of any remixes especially if it's a JMQ track!!!

White. Label. Please. Now.

..mmmm...not so much so....

..After hearing of Mont. Jazz fest. this news is not as excitable for me.. lol.. but nice to know anyway, good for groovey assasin man yeh...:P

better than the Canned Spooky remix white label remix. does anyone have the TWW remix? i found this site i presume after it was taken off the downloads page. could some one post it PLEASE!! thanx...

diabolic remix-
still shy with dephts

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