Jay becomes patron of Captive Animals Protection Society

Added on Wednesday 04 July 2007, 15:47 (BST)

The official Jamiroquai website has announced that Jay has this week become a patron of the Captive Animals Protection Society.  Established in 1957, CAPS is one of the UK's leading campaigning organisations on behalf of animals in circuses, zoos and other entertainment industries.

For more information about CAPS please visit

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This is very "forward" thinking and I am glad that (in the USA) I can get connected thru for these sites and be part of the solution. Right on Jason!

... back to 1993

Proud of him!

Top Bloke

:) nice guy


obvious!!!! see ??

Jay is so kind.. I loveeeee himmmm!

Jay has an excellent thinking about the world =D

don't talk too much .rap.

I hope this is gonna be another return of the Space Cowboy ;)

CAPS is a great organisation - no animal should be treated unfairly for entertainment - go Jay!

Thanks for them Jay, you are wonderful !!


No real surprise, JK may seem like some self-absorbed popstar with enviromentally-choking sportscars, but his heart, and it's ventriculed buffalohorns, are ALWAYS in the right place. Mega dittos to Mr. Kay...


again proud of jayson

Awesome! He is a great guy! Im a new fan for life!!

Can I loan out some of those mega dittos ??? I'm glad he's making a public stand for a humane cause(or is that a redundancy ???) - let's say a good cause then.

I'm so happy that there's still people who cares about animals and nature. I know he's gonna do a great job. And i hope that he becomes a role model for other people.

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