Montreux Jazz Festival 2003 DVD to be released

Added on Friday 29 June 2007, 23:11 (BST)
Montreux 2003 DVD cover

Monday 1 October 2007 sees the release of a new Jamiroquai DVD - "Jamiroquai - Live at Montreux 2003".  In 16:9 wide-screen, Dolby Digital surround sound and lasting over 140 minutes, this is set to be a fantastic live recording for all fans, especially as it includes tracks such as Butterfly and Shoot The Moon.

The track listing, as printed in the press release, will be as follows:

  • Use The Force
  • Canned Heat
  • Cosmic Girl
  • Little L
  • Blow Your Mind
  • High Times
  • Travelling Without Moving
  • Butterfly
  • Shoot The Moon
  • Soul Education
  • Just Another Story
  • Mr Moon
  • Alright
  • Love Foolosophy
  • Deeper Underground
  • BONUS: 12 minute version of Space Cowboy from 1995 Montreux Jazz Festival.

The DVD will be released through Eagle Vision, who have released a number of other DVD's from the Montreux Jazz Festival.  The recommended retail price of 14.99 GBP and the barcode is 5034504955270.

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ooooh! something to tide us over i expect!
we never heard the full set either!
that's my home-made dvd in the bin then - took me ages too!lol

Very very happy about this. Will be a nice momento of what was the best gig I have ever been to!!!!!!

Asolutely brilliant news!!!Im a happy chappy!! :-)

At last here it is ... This dvd is already the sh** guys ...

Really James?I've heard that it's meant to be quite good!(lol)

Amazing! Can't wait to buy it!

Wonderful!!!! Looking forward buyin it!
This is a great news!

heard the news from steve
steve u ledgend thanks m8
wud make a gd dvd but a TWM era would be better i think
like Live N direct or Pheonix 1997

He he ;) ... It's been a long time we are all waiting for such a dvd ... Years ago i sent a mail @ montreux jazz, asking them if they planned to release in the future related jamiroquai stuff. As expected, the answer was "maybe one day" ... And at last here is this fu**ing dvd ... Im so excited, of course it will be absolutely brilliant Steff' ;) ... I just have to say that im amazed by the tracklist (dont wanna speak about the bonus, im going to make an heart-attack ^^)

@ Eddi ... Sure a TWM era dvd would be better, but we (at least I) already have the "Mc Laren Team Launch" or "Phoenix 1997" in pretty good quality ... Un-released stuff is always be better no ?

OMG! this is the best thing I ear since the funkin t.shirt!!! I'm superhappy can't wait to see it all specially Soul Edu ( I've just watched on youtube but is not the same)

Woo hoo! This news has made my evening! yeah!

Great news david thanks for making our days .

This is going to be one of the best live performance dvds ever!!!!

Can't hardly wait!!!!!!!

Anyone know if there will be a Region 1 NTSC version for the U.S.?

=) WOW :D

Such great news!I wont be able to sleep until October 1st!!! (US-based fans: if you watch it on a computer it will work fine. Get a projector, show it on your living room wall, and have big funkin party!)


This is wicked news!

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! what more can i say!

Just in time for Christmas... 3 months earely lol. I can't wait!

Brilliant ! .. but will this be avail here there and everywhere or just in UK/Euro ?.. ah No matter i will get my hands on it either way.... Great news and will ease the music cravings till new jamiro alb at least..

Hell yes!!!!






Fantastic !
With this news, I am sure that the summer finally will start...
Thanks Mister David for this good news,
Olivr from Paris

What a setlist ! Yeah ! Super !





I just Realised this it's a BLUE Moon - (in June) tonight! (30th).. So this kind of Great news about the DVD is very apt i think.. lol. Fantastic !...

Fantastic! I can't wait - this will be better than Live in Verona too I think!

Very good news. Incredible! Can't wait...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! I have no words... I was left down, there was no light, there was no sound.... Now it's past. Amazing news.

have u seen the bonus ?... just perfect.

"At last here it is ... This dvd is already the sh** guys ..."

are you mistaking this for the 02 performance that was hated by almost every body and was said to have sounded like iron maiden

and best of it all a full audio quality release of shoot the moon and live butterfly :D :D :D

best day ever

this is undoubtedly the best new release since probably the Verona performence

and on official release to not bootleg

What a great news!!!!

I cannot wait to see this dvd. With the concert of Prince in September, Autumn 2007 will really be a great season for me!

reading the press release you see that the trade price is £8.39 and yet RRP is £14.99 all the jam fans should buy a bulk load and share them out with each other saving about £5 on each one after the postage

MissyM don't worry even if is just for europe we will not let you without ;))

please listen to me

here is korea

how can i get this??

Awesome news!I'm excited..........

waiting to purchase it

oh my god please give me the way

will it be released into korea too???

Is this a good performance? Is it better than Live In Verona? Is it indoors or outdoors? Good to see Shoot The Moon on it :)

Korean don't worry I'm sure european fans will support the rest of the world and let you guys out there have it in case it will not be released in your country :)))

Very cool-some business getting done!

This is just amazingly great news......really looking to the release october the 1st. Brilliant!

Oh,Fantastic! I sometime watching the gig by Your Tube but only few songs. The DVD setlist is great a lots of rare songs included my love loved song of "Blow your mind" Wow ! anyway, how to buy ? because I live in Asia. Worry !

Can't wait this is such good news. Over 140 mins thats even longer than Verona......cant wait!!! Why can't it be released now???? October's too far away lol! :-D

I can't wait to get it!!!!!!


This is really something I couldn't beieve!!!

Plus Montreux 95, going nuts waiting!!

Excellent news :)

there will be UK retailers that post worldwide don't worry you will get it anywhere in the world as long as you dont mind paying a little for postage

word! thanks for the info d.

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
IT'S GREAATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


C'est absolument merveilleux! Le live à Montreux de 2003 est probablement l'un des meilleurs live qu'ils aient fait! Grand merci à eagle Rock!! PS: à quand le dvd de l'édition 1995??

Fantastic news

Absolutely brilliant!

Keep on funkin!

great great great !!! it's a really nice gig !! I can't wait !!

cool, can't wait. just wish they did a dvd of the lovebox festival from last year



hey here is korea

is it sure that eagle rock entertainment will sell this dvd into korea too??

i`m really really craving to get it

Wicked news! Can't wait. That version of Space Cowboy is easily woth £14.99 on its own! Montreux 2003 was a good gig. Looking forward to see the songs that weren't included in the broadcast.

if they have the rights to release the space cowboy from 95 then i assume they have the rights to the whole concert which they almost certainly have and being performed at the same festival it shouldn't be to hard for them to release the whole of the 95 concert then we would have Jazziroquai on DVD's times like this that I enjoy the Jamily the most...

David, you are funkin awesome!


stop posting everytime the same question.

it was answered before and if it wouldnt be released in korea buy one on ebay

One of the most sought after concerts, period!

u can release all these concerts!!! we will buy them all!

thanks for you answer.

but i have on more question

when can i see on EBAY??

just after the release

(or just before but you will have to pay more)


Do you think I could be able to get in Mexico City? :S

I am so psyched!!!!!!!!!

Great! I want this

the best Jami live ever!

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