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Added on Tuesday 26 June 2007, 11:17 (BST)

Back in November following the Capital Radio gig at London's Mean Fiddler venue the news item posted here at funkin said that a t-shirt was thrown on stage during the show!

Well, it turns out that the t-shirt was retrieved and signed by Jay before he left the stage that night and has now been listed on eBay to help raise money for the Macillan Cancer Support charity.

** UPDATE ** Now that the auction is over and a fantastic 79 pounds raised, here's confirmation that the money went to charity.


>From: <[email protected]>>To: <>>Subject: Thank You From Macmillan>Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 12:49:58 +0100> >Dear Janice Parsons,> >Thank you for making a donation of £79.00 to Macmillan Cancer Support.> >One in three of us will get cancer. It's something that affects us all.>Our goal is to reach everyone affected by cancer that wants and needs>us. Together we can make it happen. Thank you so much for your support.> >We are all affected by cancer. We can all help. We are Macmillan.> <>> >Macmillan Cancer Support Registered charity number 261017.>Isle of Man charity number 604. Isle of Man company number 4694F. A>company limited by guarantee.>Registered in England and Wales, number 2400969. Registered office: 89>Albert Embankment, London SE1 7UQ

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ill bid

even though i have no chance of wining

nice to see a good piece of memorabilia being listed and not for the profit of the owner. i remember a few months back a bottle of water was listed as being jays for about £130 starting bid.'s just for Uk bidders :(

@Laura - delivery is Worldwide. Having problems changing the delivery status on ebay.

nice one jan & steve - great gesture!

Thank U BaldFunk ^_^

that's lovely!

Great to see. (00) & -- Very nice t-shirt too.. :P's available to EVERYBODY...not just some lucky UK everybody bid loads...NOW! :-)

I have bid but there are a max offer ...
I try later :) !

Nice one Laura...hopefully the T-shirt will be winging its way to you and not that 'unknown' bidding for it now!LOL

this is a wonderfull thing!!
and yes wonderfull t-shirt too.

Bravi guys

How do we know it's an original?

'cause is for a good 'cause and lot of us knows the people that had the idea! is original

Who is these people? How do we know that they won't put the money in their own pocket?

Hi Kari,
If "these people" put the money destined for the charity of Funkin's choice in their pockets, they'd have the wrath of the Jamily on their heads, together with very bad karma.

well, the wrath of the Jamily isn't much of a treath. Is there a guarantee that the money will be given to charity?

Ok, there is no writed warrancy you have to do an act or faith or not to believe it! no other chances

to me is all fine.. I just have no money to bid :)) LOl @ myself!


Hi Kari - very valid concern -

I think with something like this the only guarantee you can really give (before the donation is actually sent) is your word and your credibility. I know the woman who has the shirt has donated money to charity when she said she would before, and I do have the proof of that. If you'd like to see it, then I will send it to you via email. Besides that, I'm sure they can post up a thank you or acknowledgement letter/email from the charity here at Funkin or at Jamirotalk to prove the funds were donated.


Yes good idea deesh.. Not that I would ever doubt Fantastic cause u 2, well done hope you raise loads of dosh.. :x

Have a little faith Kari!Maybe,just maybe,these people are genuine!Odd concept I know...but 'well done' I say! :-)

This is going to be a very expensive t-shirt !

It's definately genuine all you doubters!
check out the gig reviews and pics -

Soooo now also if they were planning to spend the money on themself their now forced to actually put the monies where they mouths are

Kari they're not being forced to do anything. They are doing this because they are Wonderful people.. Every cent goes a long way.. Well done !!... :)

wowww 77 puonds now!!
I believe funkin will never post something is "he" believes is not true, plus none is forced to bit! you like it, believe in it wanna--> you bid otherwise you don't easy!

Yup. I saw the t-shirt, I saw it get signed by Jay, I know the seller and I fully support the charity.

Yep,a few of us were actually standing next to the seller when they chucked it to Jay to get signed & we also know that this person is 100% genuine about this.As Vere says,if you don't want to bid...don't,if you!Just don't see the point of coming on here to post negative comments about something that is for a good cause...

Kari - would you like the video of the gig to watch???
oh watch out for braquet Jan - i believe he has a new identity! aaah!

Kari, watch the video of the gig, look at several of the photos posted by those of us who were there afterwards... it's real. Trust me. I should know because I was the one who threw it onto Jay's head when he was signing vinyls for Janluka. And he signed it with my pen (which he subsequently walked off with, the theiving git)...

thanks Sam.
During the gig (if you watch the video) the t-shirt was thrown to Jay (around 38.06 from memory) lay on the floor all the gig. After Runaway - Rob Harris picked up the T-shirt, the front row chanted "funkin.funkin". It was passed back to the front row (i.e Jamily) and then thrown to Mr Kay by Samiroquai - see above. :).

well, as persons need to explane sooo heavily abot the originn of the tee, It jost seem fishy.

And Steffenfunk? Isn't peeps alowed to comment on news here? No matter if it good or neg feed? Are commentin her only restrictd too peeps with positiv feed?

OK...Kari...why have you actually bothered to post on here at all?You've obviously got into your brain (?) that this T-shirt auction thing is just one big scam & you're sticking to it even when,if you bothered to check the video or look at the photos that others have suggested,the proof is right there.
I don't really know what you're trying to gain by winding everybody up...of course 'peeps' are allowed to comment on news items here but you're not are you?You're just being a tiny bit immature and also totally lacking in respect to the person who's showed typical unselfishness by giving away this much more proof do you need?Don't you get it?People aren't explaining the origins of the 'Tee',they're simply trying to prove to YOU that all this is genuine...there's no need for an explanation...of course,you know this but you're just trying a bit too hard to be controversial....waste of time Kari...stop making yourself look's not THAT kind of website...stay positive! :-)

this is a wonderfull thing so people don't turn it into s**t, is right to doubt but I guess now everyone had enought explanations.
I was checking the Macillan Cancer Support Charity and I'm really proud of the seller for this choice!
I don't use ebay so dunno how it works normally, how do you know things are for real if you don't have a forum/comment's space to talk about?
I would love to see positive comments on this news 'cause is a wonderfull thing and as community we should be proud and thanks that we do things like this!
so please get back on the positive mood ;))

Thank you everyone!
We raised £77 :)

Just echoing Jans' words...thanks everybody!Give yourselves a 'cat in the hat'...sorry...pat on the back!£77 is briliant! :-)

wow guys this is a great result!! we're good people!
MsP it was a great success be proud!

well done guys - you sold the giant pants!

Well done MsP - that was really, really good of you (i would have had to keep it!) xxx

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