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Added on Friday 29 June 2007, 06:50 (BST)

In a survey by computer game developers Empire Interactive to announce the release of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage on the Xbox 360 they discovered who Brits consider the most irresponsible celebrity drivers on both sides of the Atlantic...

"Whether you believe men are better drivers than women, Jay Kay skidded into the overall lead with 31%. A love of super fast cars and a temper to match has resulted in numerous incidents, most famously having his £180,000 prized purple Lamborghini Diablo written off."

The full story and "chart" can be found at the Female First website.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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"most famously having his £180,000 prized purple Lamborghini Diablo written off."

Did Jay drive the car at the crashmoment? NOT... Silly journalism..


My thoughts exactly. It is carefully worded in that it doesn't say that he himself crashed the car, but it isn't clear.

yes I agree, the wording implies that he wrote it off himself.... --> it's a nonsense article anyway & doesn't really matter.. :P

Infact I've posted the news on the italian forum saying " the say so even if Jay in several times told that the Lambo was driven by a proof. driver in Spain while he was in Uk" I don't remember correctly but maybe he said it @ Jazz Cafè too!
at least we "his people" knows the truth!

Has Jay ever crashed one of his cars himself? And I wouldn't say that the Lambo was the most famous (I never new about it till I saw an interview). I'd say that people know most about the incident in Scotland in 2004.

what incident in 04?


pure nonsense indeed...we all know jay was not driving the lambo at the time of the incident...maybe they should not lie, or do better research if they truly believe that stuff.

Brandon, here's a link...


Jay's never had a serious crash nor killed anyone. Yeah he may speed a bit and that but he's said he's being more careful as a driver nowadays. I dont agree with the survey cos its got incorrect information...poor journalism.


Wasn't Jay in trouble for a bit of speeding in 2004???

And this surprises you because...?

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