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Added on Saturday 23 June 2007, 18:00 (BST)
This is a quick message to say that the band which ex-Jamiroquai writer and keyboard player Toby Smith is working with - The Hoosiers - has their debut single out this week, entitled Worried About Ray, and it's doing rather well.  It's been getting great support from BBC Radio 1 on its playlist and on the UK iTunes singles chart it is in the top 10.Check out The Hoosiers' MySpace pages at and if you like the current single then why not download a copy from your favourite online music store such as iTunes.

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Oh cool - there playing down the road from me on Sun in the knowsley music festival.

toby is not metioned as a member of the band- how come?

its probably the same type of way that unless you were a fairly big fan of JMQ you wouldn't know any members other than Jay but in a band like that its probably the lead singer and guitar drums and bass that get recognition

Isn't Toby just producing the album anyways?

ohh I'm so happy to have news about Toby!!
Russ you shold go then man!
I hope the best for him and for the band

Might have to check it out! Mind you, the Channel 4 teletext music pages gave it 3/10 in the single review section!

Don't care for Channel 4 Teletext (Planet Sound)reviewers- they have never given Jamiroquai a decent or fair review. Instead, they make personal and exaggerated attacks on Jay, and they take the lazy journalist approach with the Stevie Wonder comparisons. Do check them out, and if you don't like, fair enough, but please, NEVER, EVER take those reviewers seriously- because they're full of c-r-a-p.

I absolutely agree! The channel 4 reviews are ridiculous! They gave Runaway 2/10 and said they couldn't think of many more worse things than it?

It very impressive, good resources here. I found lots of intresting things here. Thanks!

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