Jamiroquai Masterclass in London

Added on Tuesday 19 June 2007, 06:29 (BST)

On Monday evening (18 June) The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance held a "Jamiroquai Masterclass" at The Luminaire, in Kilburn, London.  Details of the event were posted a few weeks ago here at and if anyone went along, please let the world know what you thought of it by posting a comment with this news item.

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I went! It was at the Luminaire part of the Institute of Music- a gerat place to study music-- a small upstairs Bar/ venue in Kilburn. Present were Paul, Derrick, Sola and Rob with guest vocals by the Institute's Vocal tutor (apologies i cannot recall her name- but she was excellent)

A fantastic night. Kicked off at 730 till about 930 I guess. The chaps played a selection of tracks, they played revised versions of parts of tracks that they had come up with (often not to jays'taste so they said)
The complete tracks they played -(without vox)- in no particular order-were
Opening Jam,
Space Cowboy,
Light years,
High Times,
Love Foolosophy,
Black Devil Car,
Stillness in time (with Vox).
Non Jamiroquai tracks played were-
parts of Chic Good Times.
The complete instrumental of Chic's,-"I'm thinking of you"
A version of that Narles Barkley track Crazy-with Vox
Patrice Rushen - cant remeber the title of that one- not "Forget-me Nots"- though.
The guys were very friendly and invited questions from the audience at all times- many questions were asked by the audience (comprising mainly of music students I think) qustions about influences/ how to come up with grooves/ how they each got the gig with jamiroquai/.
One very lucky audience member a bass playing student whom I recognise from his articles in Bass Guitar magazine - (i think i'm correct in saying that- apologies if not)- asked if he could jam with the band! - they agreed to!- so Paul handed the chap- Chris- his Musicman Stingray 4-String- (Pre-Ernie Ball I think?) and they jammed for easily 10 minutes in front of a highly envious and energetic crowd- i was half expecting jay to jump onto stage at any minute!

I took a few videos on my phone and a digital camera- i'll download them when i get a chance.

A really great treat to see this- all the guys were very welcoming - particularly Paul Turner and Rob Harris- very good at presenting their thoughts and answering questions. (however Derrick and Sola did give a good insight into their co-ordination with each other)

There you go!

oh and it was free!

Right- in return for this please check out my band- we are headlining the East Finchley Festival on Sunday


Mitch- (Zender signed Warwick Streamer Jazzman)

Well done Mitch, yes it was great night! My comments and vids can be found on Jamirotalk:

Btw Mitch, the Patrice Rushden track was Music of the Earth (one of my absolute faves). I just want to say thank you too all the boys for a superb night! xx

Both Jam Fan and I tried to go to this gig but were told we couldn't reserve tickets unless we were students there. We tried phoning back at the times they told us but still had no luck. How did you guys get in?

I wonder, I don't see here - this event... *confused* ... only "18. CLOSED FOR PRIVATE PARTY" ... can anyone explain this?

i used to be a student at the school!

cheers mitch - ive added you!
are you uploading the vids onto your myspace or posting the links here?

Thx for sharing !
Glad u had a great time yesterday!


it was great , little stage, so great to see the band members close up, and see how they play with each others, great time, and a special applause for Joe the student who was really good on stage playing bass with the band!!!!good work,
we had an amazing time!!!!

. . . and I laid back here and thought of England.

'Cause I get to use MySpace or tinyurls !!!


Heather darling! A CD is coming your way this weekend :) xx

Anna- have you got a cd of the evening?

Mitch - No, but I did upload some vids. You can find them on

@ 'Quannie XXX OOO XXXX
@ Mitch - sorry mate - you have to be a JIP for the opportunity of a CD !!!

Great Vids Anna.. thanx u much for these, great to see them enjoying themselves.. Looked like a great evening.. :)

Didn't mean to sound offish! Hope everyone who went had a great time - I know the music students should get first choice, that goes without saying, just wanted to see them! Thanks for sharing the vids. xx

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the Masterclass!! (Sorry, work at The institute!!)

Vocalist was; Susan Blair:

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