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Added on Saturday 16 June 2007, 18:26 (BST)

Some readers may have seen the news link appear on the right hand side of the homepage earlier this week but it is worth mentioning here. have announced that Jamiroquai now have a "universe" on Netvibes.  They write...

We're delighted to announce the launch of a Jamiroquai Universe on Netvibes. Jamiroquai are the first UK artistes to have their own Universe and you can find it at 

If you haven't already seen it, Netvibes is a way of keeping all your favourite content and information on one page. The Jamiroquai Universe collect everything 'Jamiroquai' - including news, music, video and photos - and puts it all in one location for you to easily find and share. Best of all, you can create your own page and pull in information from other places, for example, news from Jamiroquai fan sites such as or other artistes you like. The great thing is you can customise everything, and feature or hide whatever you decide - it's entirely up to you!

The Jamiroquai Universe will change as we add more widgets and content. Please email us your suggestions for new content you would like to see.

The Jamiroquai Team. 

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and what's doing f*cking sarkozy there?

nice one!
but I have to spend a little time on that and see how it works!
thanks David

Its a bunch of everything, maybe too much... cut out most of the clutter and this might work out! There's only one however... :-]

Netvibes? No thanks. for me. 10 years long. 10 years strong. Thanks for all the memories now and in the future, Dave.

I don't like it...

I wonder if there are plans to get Jamiroquai involved in the Second Life movement (3D online digital virtual world)? Many musicians seem to be heading that way.

What do musicians do in Second Life?

Damo -

I am just being introduced to Second Life, but some record companies and publicity firms are using it as a promotional tool performing virtual gigs as well as doing interviews with virtual life press like Reuters and entertainment magazines that set up shop in SL. It's like a virtual community, so they are treating as such and hoping that generates more publicity for the musicians. I am just learning about it, but this is my basic knowledge so far. It is also being used to promote movies and such.

Interesting website but... I prefer (I agree Aaron) ten years of funkin and... without publicity !!!

Thanks David ¡viva funkin!


That's crazy! I knew that people had businesses in Second Life but I didn't think it would go this far. It's almost like some have to work twice as hard since they have at least 2 worlds that they exist in!

^Yeah, it's all a bit too much for me. My real life is enough, I don't need to create a second one! It'll be interesting to see if it really works or how involved people will get in it.

Here's a press release that came out today that says a bit more about Netvibes and what it is and who is using it:

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