For Sale: Jay's Rolls-Royce Park Ward Limousine

Added on Friday 08 June 2007, 06:47 (BST)

On 16 June at Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire (UK), Jay's 1999 Rolls-Royce Park Ward Limousine will be auctioned as one of a number of vehicles in a Rolls-Royce and Bentley related auction.  Part of the lot details read:

"Finished in deep blue metallic with magnolia leather interior, this rare Park Ward limousine-with-division boasts tinted glass to the rear compartment..."

The auction is being run by auction house Bonhams and details of the car including a number of photos can be found at the Bonhams website. 

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. . . a mobile 'shed' - LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sad to see it go, but I wonder why he wants to part with it. Perhaps he wants Yasmine brilliant white interior rather than Magnolia off white interior leather ???

I will raid the childrens' piggy banks and be over to clinch it from the other bidders.

I do need car but somehow I think that as an impoverished student I may have to let this one go.

Wonder what he will buy to fill the blank in the garage?


what happened to jay???
why does he sell all his cars?
has he lost money???
jay-bum- kay^^
the good old times before eope right jay?^^

no im just joking i think jay wants to buy some new cars and no new garage

Or maybe he's decided he's better off with less cars that he can drive more often than with more cars that he drives less with.

Either way, that Rolls Royce is PIMP.

Hey was this the car....that that head butting photographer...kicked..or scratched?

no i think that was a bentley...anyways,i hope he's gotten some sense in that head of his and wants to change how he lives...would be very nice,but that's probably just another one of my crazy wishes...

a motorhome is easier when you pick up groopies...... love the rolls really

hahahaha good point suzannaquai!!!

I hope Braquet doesn't turn up!!
eeek! head kicked in! - sorry!

Probably selling it as his feet never reached the pedals. Not that I mind!!!

I won't comment on that last post, the wink is well deserved !!! ROFLMPAO

Braquet go with you jaquet for the car. He will bid millions. He he @ jameerica it is true rite???? Motorhome vs. Rolls

well of's got a bed in it-must be a bit comfier than the back seat of (EVEN!) a rolls lol

jay, looks like u wanna change ur cars

My gosh man, that Rolls is in stellar condition! Making room for another Audi, Jay? :-)

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