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Added on Wednesday 06 June 2007, 07:08 (BST)

The official Jamiroquai website has announced that Jamiroquai have signed up to social networking website Virb.  This is in addition to the bands existing MySpace site.

On the new Virb site you'll find some previously unseen (at least I believe so) marketing/promotional photos of Jay.

Jamiroquai's profile on Virb can be found at

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This is for Jay:
Dear Jay, I haven´t seen until now a message from you to your fans, we really fancy to heard more about you and some nice words from you.I am sure your fans would be really grateful with you (overall me) I hope you read this message and will answer me.
love you, Ana

Actually with regards to those photos, I remember them from the 2005 Dynamite tour programme that you could purchase.

Thanks Mark. I never did buy a copy of that tour programme. That explains things.

some of the pics are different to those in the dynamite tour programme, they were obviously done in the same photo shoot though.

The page is really cool and the new photos too! Thanx to jamiro again :)

I'm looking for an old song... the Video was him wearing a white suit, singing / dancing around in a tunnel, almost like a space station??

that's supersonic Karl :))

Nice moove JMQ but I prefer myspace :D
cool page afterall


great web!!

but could someone help me, please ? How i do to register in there like the others fans ?


Yeah, loving this new social networking site, everything so simplistic and easy to find. You can see yours truly on Virb here:

In regards to those new JK press photos, many of you are correct in thinking they were from some touring programmes, I distinctly remember a 1/3 of them being used in them. Cheers!


We need another networking site to get totally crazy!!!!
I don't like it so much, the myspace thing is more interesting, more funny and easier.

I like it that different people have different tastes. Personally I really don't like MySpace - it just look horrible, even when people try and "skin" their sites to make them better. Maybe i'm only ever looking at the badly design pages there.

The problem we have now is that there are so many of these social networking sites appearing, and Jamiroquai needs to try and be a part of many/all of them to get "out there" it makes it difficult for the fans to keep up with it if all the "sites" are not kept in sync.

Keeping things in sync is a hard thing, especially with sites like MySpace as you cannot post news to myspace remotely. With virb for example all the news from is available directly on the site - nice and easy.

Still waiting u accept my requiest!


get a bebo while your their lmao

The page is great & the photos are awesome, like the 2 others from the dynamite tour programme!
I prefer myspace (probably because I'm more accustomed & a little bit myspace addict lol) but it's cool to see Jamiroquai there!

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