Jamiroquai recommendation in People Magazine (US)

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People Magazine (US)

The 28 May issue of People Magazine (US), after a review of the new album by Maroon 5, there is a reference and invitation to check out Jamiroquai and their greatest hits album "High Times: Singles 1992-2006".

It's always good to see magazines pick up on Jamiroquai, but as for the close similarity between Maroon 5 and Jamiroquai - I personally just don't get it. 

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I don't get it neither ! Although, the beginning of Maroon 5 new song seems a bit stolen from Jamiroquai, doesn't it ?

right! and I see no similarities between Jamiroquai and the other group, it seems that they haven't heard our Jamiroquai

Similarities ¿? mmm.. Some.
Maroon 5 is a really good group, although they have more song of Pop than Funk.

Anyway, Jamiroquai is much better!





Yes oh yes, Dave, I share the same feelings about the whole Maroon 5/Jamiroquai comparison. Just shows how dim American music reviewers have become and instead of doing thought-provoking and indepth reviews, they just compare-compare-compare to other musical artists whom in their opinion sound like the reviewed artist. In any case, still a nice props to "High Times". Cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~

Inside the mind of American reviewers:

"Adam Levine is white. Jay Kay is white. Adam Levine sings like a black woman. Jay Kay sings like a black woman. THEY MUST BE SOULMATES!"

Whatever, as long as JMQ gets some ink in the press...

I understand that all of you who are From Europe don't really see the comparison. However, coming from the United states and hearing the first Maroon 5 CD, I felt they stuck out and was a little different from all this mainstream trash in the US. Most young White Americans (Which is currently the Majority) love to hear a Alternative Rock type sound. Heavy guitars with a touch of bass and pounding Drum and Snare. However, Maroon 5 enters the scene with a soulful funky pop rock. The guitar is not so heavy and you can actually hear the bass and also some keyboard! And then of course Adam Levine has a soulful sound to his voice unlike the Shouting metalheads you hear in rock and grunge. I personally loved their first album because it was Funky.

On top of it all, Maroon 5 has been quoted to be Followers and "inspired" by Jamiroquai. So, if you hear the simlilarity or not, they are in one for or another trying to catch that Jamiroquai Vibe.

However, Their sound in this new album is completely different. They sound much more Rock Oriented with those guitars. The keyboard is there, but I can't hear the bass on any of the songs. I wouldn't compare this new album to Jamiroquai At all. "Won't Go Home without You" and "Not Falling Apart" have that 80's Police Feel to them.

I agree with you all the JAM is much better.

Oh, I forgot to add that Toward the end of "makes me wonder" sounds a little similar to Calvin Harris Remix of Canned Heat.

I am an American and a JMQ & Maroon 5 fan (love JMQ more) but I don't see the comparison myself. JMQ are a funky/R&B group and Maroon 5 are a alternative rock/pop group.

Jamiroquai are musicians, Maroon 5 is just a college pop bad which has success.... Moreover, M5 is awful in live...

I agree David. M5 is not like jamiroquai

Jamiroquai are insanely better than Maroon 5, and to even begin to say that both sounds are similar is an insult in itself. Jay's voice is better, Jamiroquai's sound is better and Maroon 5 are just plain boring, truth be told. Their new sound leaves a lot to be admired as well.

i don't hear any comparison at all but i don't think the reviewer is trying to compare i think he is just saying that if you like the M% sound you might like the JMQ sound

snolan: yeah, you're right - this magazine isn't comparing both bands. There are however plenty of other reports that do compare them. I'm just mixing them up a little in this one news item. Cheers.

I like the new maroon 5 album try the song "If I Never See Your Face Again" and "kiwi" anyway they aren't like jamiroquai

as ever David your wisdom knows no bounds you are right loads of people and journalists say they are similar and i suppose things like Deeper Underground which like it or not is the track most people think of when they hear the word Jamiroquai is more of a rock tune than anything else

;( if only they taught JMQ at schools people would realize its mostly funk but as nearly all singles from AFO onwards are pop or rock people will think JMQ is a rock band

maroon 5 - LOL

Whatever... People Magazine is one of the most popular ones in US and I am glad they are mentioning JMQ. I hope it might bring the band's songs at least to the radio.

Ifyou like maroon5 try jamiroquai???

this is crappy...

I suppose - maroon 5's new album sounds tinny and manufactured a bit like 'Dynamite' but there is no comparison.
Oh why did someone ever say it in the first place!!!

Jamiroquai are my favourite band and while I personally like Maroon 5 and own both their albums to date, I similarly cannot see the comparisons between the two!

I think as fans we can't see a similarity but other ppl who aren't Jamiroquai fans do see. I like Maroon 5, some of their stuff is funky but when i hear it i don't think 'oh that's like Jamiroquai'; i still see a distinction cos both are quite diff from each other. What springs to my mind is the interview Jonathan Ross did with Jay when they came on 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' 2 years ago and Ross mentioned it to Jay, that if he thought Maroon 5 had nicked their sound (can't remember the exact wording of the question maybe David can help!) with Ross trying a funny rendition of 'This Love' lol! Jay basically shrugged it off saying everything is borrowed now, influences enter other ppl's music all the time (i think that was the answer correct me if i am wrong!)

I like both bands but there is no similarity here.....sorry.....Jamiroquai are soooooo much better and far more established than maroon 5 will ever be.

maroon 5 are rubbish. jamiroquai aren't.

you know! i don't know what these people are thinking jmq is not maroon 5 they cant compare jay has soul adam has a whiney voice and the band has real funk and soul ...and the rest of maroon 5 ..basically comparing elevator music to real music :S alright maybe a little harsh i guess they're recent stuff is more bearable than the first ..they're learning :)

Maroon 5? WTF! They are only a stupid pop band.

I read one Maroon 5 album review that said: Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine has the same vocal range as that Jamiroquai guy.

were these albs released both on sony ?

KASIA : I agree with you.. I'm too, so glad that they mentioned about JMQ. So proud that my fave band was on the page of one of the most popular magz in the US! Regardless of how small the article was. :-)

I remember one of M5's first uk tv performances a few years ago- Cat Deeley introduced them by saying (words to the effect of)if you like the Chili Peppers and Jamiroquai you'll love this next band"

I dont think so! i cant geddit!!

RHCP and JMQ are my favourite bands- I'm a bass player! say no more

Wow...I think they have some songs that are very similar. Matter of fact my buddy gave me their first album saying 'You'll love this' and after hearing Harder to Breathe I was like! Now with the new album its finally like an American JK...but with less talent. ;)

I think this is a fair comment. Both bands have many soul elements with great musicianship and lyrics explicitly about sex though Jamiroquai are much, much jazzier than maroon 5 (which is why I am more of a Jamiroquai fan). Towards the end of 'kiwi' by Maroon 5 there are funky horns which were a definate reminder of Jamiroquai for me. I think the fact that the bass guitar is audible in muchg music by both bands also draws them into the same (sort of) style of soul/funk. One of the largest differences has to be the emphasis on guitars for Maroon 5 plus they use more harmonised singing due to Adam Levines less full sounding voice though I wouldnt mind hearing more harmonies in Jay's vocal parts.

I think they are quite similar. When they first played 'Makes me wonder' on the radio here the DJ said 'they must have been hanging out with Jamiroquai'. The M5 (marry me Adam) second album definately has some Jamiroquai flavoring. If you want to hear freaky listen to Space Cowboy and then listen to Sunday Morning. One is less electronic than the other but apart from that they're such similar tracks. They both sing with really American accents but only one of them has an excuse. Don't get me wrong I love Jamiroquai but that is my pet hate about the band. I sound more English when I sing and I come from another continent. To me M5 are Jamiroquai meets the Fray (Ah three of my four favorite bands in one sentence)meets The Police.

David...glad to see this kind of PR for Jamiroquai here in the are right on...

The new Maroon 5 sounds more funky and disco. It's close to A Funk Odyssey in my humble opinion.

jamiroquai also has many influences like earth wind & fire...either somewhat new invention ...just a good miz

rubbish publication

i would say i just do not get that comparison whatsoever. I think M5 is mediochre at best...but jamiroquai: the ultimate.

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