Matt Johnson at the Antwerp Harbour Jazz & Soul Festival

Added on Tuesday 29 May 2007, 12:09 (BST)
Matt Johnson

On 12 May Jamiroquai keyboard player Matt Johnson performed as at the Antwerp Harbour Jazz & Soul Festival that was held in Antwerp, Belgium.  Matt performed as part of the Cleo & The Antwerp Harbour All Stars act. 

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Credit: Peggy Timmermans

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I was there. Although there is a lot to say about the festivalorganisation I enjoyed every minute. I particularly enjoyed the Cleo & The Antwerp Harbour All Stars act, though it was far to short for was nice ti see these talented musicians having fun on the stage (Matt Bianco's drummer and guitare-player just didn't want to leave...) and I sincerely hope Matt had some fun too...

I was there to along with Peggy. It was nice seeing Matt Johnson in action again and we had a nice little chat too. I believe Matt was enjoying himself fine.

Personally I wasn't impressed by Cleo but the musicians were great. The rest of the evening was great too. Matt Bianco brought back some memories from back then and also Incognito were doing a great gig.

We had a very nice evening, it was a small festival, first edition, which gave us the opportunity to speak to some of the artists ! The organisation said they were satisfied and they also told me by email that Jamiroquai is on their list for a next edition, they contacted them... Let's wait and see !

I hope you, Peggy & Rene, had a good evening, and I am so pleased that you had the chance for a chat with Matt. I'm pleased to see Matt is getting around and about. I wonder if he has his fingers insured ??? Duhh !!! - Must do !!!

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