Dynamite - Italian Jamiroquai Tribute Band

Added on Wednesday 30 May 2007, 21:50 (BST)
Dynamite - Jamiroquai Tribute Band

It seems that every few weeks we hear about another Jamiroquai tribute/cover band that's out there.  Well, here's another one for you...

Dynamite is an Italian Jamiroquai Tribute Band based out of Modena who have been established since 2006.  I recommend you visit their site at, have a look at their photo gallery but most of all have a listen to some of their audio demos.  They're really put effort into listening and learning how Jamiroquai sound live and I think they've done an excellent job.

I know that Jamiroquai cover/tribute bands are not for everybody's taste, but visit their site, have a listen and feel free to post any comments with this news item. 

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These folks can't beat our cover band:D! I hate when someone is trying to 100 percently copy cracks and performances, just like these guys. No value added...

i have to disagree with you Zsoma i think that they do definately bring their own touch to each of their covers

the cosmic girl is an Ace track that i would like to have in whole :D

Try to play the 'didgeridoo' head on, as it will greatly improve your playing, and also try to invest in a yidaki, as 99% of 'didgerioos' in the world are not original, which is a disgusting shame.
If you the 'cover band' is reading this, I can guide and help you further with regards to the instrument.
As with the cover band itself, I have no comment.

:o they don't have the nice font ill send it to them

and the shoot the moon demo is great too nice find

Z - so looking forward to hearing you play again.xo

Yes David, cover bands (of any kind) aren't my tastes in general, but I also think it's pretty harmless unless the cover band is deceiving people into thinking they are the actual band.

I think it is a testament to Jamiroquai's music, influence, and style that so many people try to cover their original tracks.

And on the real, this is probably the closest we will ever get to hearing Shoot the Moon again..ha!

Snolan: r we listening to the same CG? It sound like any live performance of CG from the guys in the Dynamite area. Even the added vocals are the same that Jay sings after the first chorus. Want any proof?

sorry but i can't settle for 2nd best.. not a bad effort & they have good taste in music.. :)

they have used 'dynamite' name with the AFO artwork on their website.. that's different?.. I guess.. nice job..

Not wild enough... the good thing : Flute in Cosmic and not strings during the chorus, only synth effects. But the rest...

Snolan: r we listening to the same CG? It sound like any live performance of CG from the guys in the Dynamite area. Even the added vocals are the same that Jay sings after the first chorus. Want any proof?

i was comparing it to the origional album track but now you say about the dynamite tour you are right it is very similer

I heard many bands playing Jamiroquai and they're quite good when I think about other ones. I think I would go for their concert - especially that I have not many chances to listen to Jamiroquai live :P

Youll Never Be As Good As Jamiroquai because that it their music not yours go make your own tribute bands are annoying

Who said STM?!!!!! ;) Tribute bands don't bother me; am interested in anything anyone does which is creative in one way or another.Off to check them out..


i dont have to say more...

bravissimo dynamite

In the past in Italy there were only the "Space Cowboys" like cover band...i believe from tuscany, there weren't lots of possibility to listen jamiroquai covers... but now there are at least 6 or 7 groups that reproduce (faithfully their music... someone).

I believe that this phenomenon ( lot of cover bands ) in Italy is also had because "jamiroquai music is became a little bit commercial" in last years.

In fact, until Synkro, in Italy, lots of people doesn't know Jamiroquai.
Only after the publication of Afo and the bulky publicity of the media there was the explosion of the band between teens.

Sorry to be gone a little outside subject and for my English.

It is an honour for me to see the site of Dynamite on Funkin. Play Jamiroquai's song together with guys with whom I have a very beautiful feeling is the thing most important for me. Wonderful sensations... Thank's a lot Funkin! Panka (Dynamite's guitarist).

Hi guys!
I'm Angelo, the Dynamite lead singer. I thank you all for the comments...good and bad, which help to improve and do better...
Just wanted to say that I do agree with those guys who says that cover bands are "useless"...what i would like to add is that I paly with many bands (also playing my music) but I really get a lot of fun when I sing Jamiroquai's songs...i have fun with my friends... just fun...we don't want to do nothing more...and we get the fun and the right power to keep on funkin' from the people like you and the people that comes to see us at our concerts...
Thank you all again!!
Ciao a tutti!
Have fun!!!

Yes Panka & Angelo, have fun all time, all togheter with jmq music, thank you :)

i wish we would have suhch a cover band here in austria because...

1) i could meet people who enjoy jamioroquai music as i do ( believe me i don´t´know any jamiroquai fans here yet, it´s so sad , i only can share my passion over net)

2) in the time where jamiroquai doensn´t play live i would also enjoy a concert of a tribute band

3) it´s so good to see people having so much fun with the music and put time and energy into stuff like this

angelo and co ...stay funky :)

and.......i don´t think there is any need to COMPARE tribute band´s music to the orginal one...i don´t think any of those band´s aim is to copy jamiroquai to get "better" or get successful with "their" music..
as angelo´s all about fun and sharing the same passion :)

offtopic: david...why are there so many strange " A" in my post :S i read my comment carefully before posting..there was NO typo

SHOOT THE MOON!!!!!!! Sounds really good. Right on guys ....keep Funkin! ....

Buon Giorno!
~John Piscopo

Sandriche: It's because the ' character must be something slightly different on your keyboard. I get it sometimes when I cut and paste articles in. I do plan to fix it one day. Sorry.

STM does sound sweet it sounds strange to listen to it with out bits of crowd roar when you expect them :S

its cause there is only the one recording of it we are so used to it

Italian musicians are always good it seems, but as usual the singer comes no where close to Jay.

am i the only one who's having a problem on that website of getting a clip of 'Black Capricorn Day' when i clicked on 'Shoot The Moon' link? and 'when u gonna learn' leads me to 'space cowboy' as well. :-(

this tribute band is quite good compared to other jamiroquai tribute bands :P i saw a video on youtube about a jamiroquai tribute band and i couldnt stop laughing because they sucked soooo bad and the singer had an Chinease accent hahahaha if u wanna see the video just search for jemirocai :P take care jamiroquai fans ! jk is the best

That's sooo good dude!!!
Continuati suonre così molti bravi!!!!

a.kay...i saw this one too...yeah it´s so funny! but still i love that they at least try ..hihihi

NIce band, but that "energy" is missing somehow and tooooo long release time with the electric piano on every song... come and taste the band!

Hey Supersonics....had a glimpse on your site but there's no audio files to listen...and the pictures had a sad mood...they make me think of church....

Hey Pagno, why don't you find other ways to advertise your band instead of using other peoples hard work! im sure Jamiroquai would love it if you wrote, i quote, "come and taste the band" on his site... but then you wouldnt, would you, be so arrogant towards the master himself, so don't do it with other bands! This kind of competition disgusts me, be a man and give them a pat on the back for playing some good music!

Hey, I had a glimpse on the site of Supersonic and I found that someone called Cecilia wrote the link to this site in their guestbook....Politically uncorrect, in my opinion, and I think that has got Pagno angried...

I luv the drums

Great band! Still miss something...but great band!!!go dynamite, go!!

Thank's a lot guys!!!!!!! Write something in our site, good or bad, tell us what u think! Bye! Panka (Dynamite)

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