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Added on Saturday 12 May 2007, 18:36 (BST), an unofficial site for Polish Jamiroquai fans is proud to be celebrating its seventh year online today (12 May).  Congratulations to both Czendo and Psiqs, who now run the site, and Pingwin who originally set it up back in 2000.

Long may the site continue to keep the Polish Jamiroquai community together and informed.

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I know you have some memberproblems...
I hope youll find many more active members!



Wszystkiego najlepszego Wam zycze!!! Musze sie u was zarejestrowac ;) Siedem lat to ogromny sukces! Gratuluje xx

(For non-Polish speakers, that was a congratulations message to the lads :) )

Jamiroquanna, zapraszamy! :)

(Welcome ;) )

Jamiroquai in Poland.....?
that's a good idea!!!

(tylko jakie to bylo 7 lat: szczesliwe i nieszczesliwe?)

A gdzie pojawił się CitizenZK??? ;) Też przecież jestem w redakcji... Ech, życie, życie... ;P

Wszystkiego Funkowego my dear Jamirosite ;*

Hehe of course we remember about you and all people who are helping and supporting us:) Greets Citi:)

Congratulations to Czendo and Psiqs!!!!
Great work over the years :)

All the best xoxo

Yessss! We are 7 years old ;P

,,God Bless Our High Times" ;*

Thanks Czendo ;D

congratulations :)seven years that is so long but never to long ..pzd.
P.S wedlug mnie to Jamiroquai powinien przyleciec do Polski po tym jak to zobaczy :P a wlasnie on tu czasami patrzy ??

Thanks Czendo :) See you there! Tymczasem ;) xx

My congrats from here. One of the first sites I used to visit when I discovered Jamiroquai :)





happy birthday to you my little :)

Happy birthday, on behalf of the Jamirotalkers!! Keep up the good work! :)

jamiroquai and polska ! that's what I like :)

Just wanted to say to all you guys in poland thanks a million and happy birthday for the site and keeping the site running for so long!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your continued support and comments and i really look forward to coming to see you in the near future.
much love and respect to you all.


Wow !! Derrick Mckenzie!!!!! plz come to Poland and make some noise :)I love Jamiroquai
P.S: You are the best group when I ever seen
It is pleasure see you..Derrick

Thank you Derrick! :D
It's really worth doing all this if there are people who are with us... and as long as You are we will not stop! :)

All community thank all of You very much, especially to Derrick ;) See You all in Poland ;)

Do You know what we're waiting for?? ;P

Please! Come to Poland!!! Lot of fans is waiting for concert (and new album, of course ;) )

Thanks Derrick! ,,Reach out ant touch... Jamiroquai" ;)

Happy birthday Jam :)great site ! thank you

Thank you Derrick :)

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