Canned Heat on Dancing With The Stars

Added on Wednesday 09 May 2007, 07:10 (BST)

On Tuesday's episode of US television show Dancing With The Stars, the house band performed Canned Heat during an exhibition dance by four professional dancers.

In November 2006 Jamiroquai performed the same song on the UK version of the show - called Strictly Come Dancing.

Credit: Joe Swanson

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I found a video on youtube about Strictly Come Dancing performance... IS SIMPLY AMAZING :)


would like to see the us one :)

=) Pretty Cool!

what ? !I knew they'd play it at some point ,but Im just not so into it lately, not since the first season...and last (master p lol)

Strictly Come Dancing YouTube Video Link :

In five edition of polish dancing with the stars band perform virtual insanity ;)

(sorry for my english- i'm learning ;) )

Does anyone have the video of tuesday's performance? I missed it, thanks for the info !

haha! :D I saw it from the link above... not so bad but of course, jamiroquai as the live band would have been better.

USA Tuesday's Dancing with the Stars link:

launch the new player
pick DWTS Full episode
choose May 8th, 2007 episode
go to section 2 around the 19:14 mark or watch the whole show.

Excellent dancing. Enjoy. :)

Thank You!

Thank you very much!

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