Jay Kay to be sued for "boozy bust-up"

Added on Wednesday 25 April 2007, 22:52 (UTC)

London newspaper thelondonpaper today (Wednesday) printed the following report, surrounding the incident that took place when Jay left a London nightclub in September 2006. 

Jay Kay sued for club ruck - Wednesday, 25 April 2007 It's not just Hugh Grant getting into trouble with paparazzi, Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay is paying the price for one of his boozy bust-ups.A freelance lensman who caught a right hook to the head in September has revealed he is suing the frontman. Allan Chapman was waiting outside Kabaret's Prophecy club in Soho for Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, but steaming drunk Jay Kay assumed they were waiting for him and declared: "I'm going to kill you all!" before throwing punches at the bewildered Chapman, who he called "a gay boy from south London."Police arrived and handcuffed Jay before leading the incoherent singer to a police van. Now he is set to dish out the cash to compensate for his mistake. Lawyer Nigel Lloyd, of Lloyd Rehman & Co, representing Chapman, told theBuzz: "[Jay Kay] has accepted a caution and so he can't defend it. We are now putting together evidence and medical details and will be pursuing a claim and recovering damages."
Credit: Christian Gregory

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Poor Jay..

"Gay boy from south london". hahaha


Reflux oesophogitis !!!

well nice to know he's alive...heheh

when a bloke goes to a club does he want to be harassed by photographers? no.would you want to smack em one? yes. would you have the guts to? if you are JK yes.

get in there Jay next time try to make it look like an accident though :)

Hope he doesn't get nailed too badly by the law.

In another article, they mention some of the comments made here...

I get the feeling they're not really JMQ fans - losers!!!


Whoops, I meant my comment about the 'losers' being the people who wrote the above article, not us lovely fans - because us fans are THE BEST :) :) :)


omg we think that is stuffed cauz Jay had every right 2 punch out da paps i mean omg they r such idots LEAVE ALL DA CELEBS ALONE

Keep ur hands 2 urself.. I don't condone violence and hitting other ppl..
It's a shame he's being sued, poor Jay.. photographers get away with WAY too much & so do stupid 2bit no talent journalists. The proof is in that article.. lol.. :P

Dont waste the energy on them J, told you in the card. Anyway, the sad loser has nothing better to do than sue you for a punch, hopefully he wont get much. But either way he'll know he is sad and has nothing better to do. What a saddo.

well....unlike hugh grant, atleast jay didn't waste a perfectly good bowl of baked beans!

and play louder can kiss my eeeezzzz!!!!

lol on the baked baked bean(bacon flavored?)hugh thing , deesh
right!!...they should not exclude bean throwers and redheaded princes from being sued :)

suppose he will buy another camera with the compo money to annoy someone else?

The straight boy from North London let the papparazzi make a fool out of him and they are going to make him pay them even more for his mistake of falling into their trap to be a space filler in Ms. Lohan's absence.

I will repeat this for the sake of a lesson that should have been learned long ago. 'Sir' should pay a couple of gorillas to accompany him always on nights on the town with orders to gag and carry him out of places when he unfortunate enough to drink and make himself fodder for the fool mongerers. Sincere respect to Sola who tried, but it shouldn't be his job, 'Sir's job should to be make contingency plans if he cannot make the right decisions.

Sola was the forced hero that night, and the police were just doing one of their least favourite tasks - and they MUST be respected. I hope 'Sir' apologised to them, why can't he do a publicity stunt to recoup his image with a positive message and a Met Officers' Orphans' Fund Contribution. That would really stick it up that Chapman's lens harder than any random abusive phrase or side swipe.

Does 'Sir' have any PR independant of Sony ??? He could be loved on home territory like he deserves to be, but keeping the hands on the money is a dirty and far reaching game in the entertainment industry - smarten up 'Sir' JK and cash-in instead of cashing-out !!!

lol i got in the article for the comment i made

if the bloke/bloket who wrote it is still keeping an eye on the posts here then i would like to say that what you write is opinion but that in fairness you are free to write what you want if that means putting JMQ down then im interested to know why you hate in particular Jay so much?

please post on here if you read this

Just a quick reminder about swearing on the comments. Any comment that contains swearing, or %&£* type characters in a word which is identifiable as swearing, will be deleted.

Many thanks.

Heather, sounds like common sense but those of us that sport "sexy" and go out for a glow of the micro-brew understand that no matter whether you have your gorillas at hand or not...there will always be someone out side the joint ready to clamp on.

So...sometimes, you just have to take a hit for the team...

the photographer should have been there to see Jay anyway...not lindsey lohan.

I have great hope and trust in 'Sir' JK, he is not irresponsible, neither does he cheat himself (anymore). He has learned from his mistakes and proved his accountability.

Yes, we each have bad days, but that admonition does not license the acceptance of repetitive disasters as being a sane option, least of all for 'Sir' JK.

I cannot access the 'tiny' that Samantha very kindly provided for us, anyone wanna send it's contents on to me via email please ??? I would be grateful if you could send it to my account, my yahoo ID is hues_of_heather. Bear with me because I cannot access and therefore use the TinyURL service.

Impassionedly Jamiroquai . . . 'till I die - Little H.

Here's what it says Heather...

In our reverie we nearly typed ''shot''
26 Apr 2007

Floppy hatted tit of a singer Jay Kay is being sued by one of the photographers he thumped recently. It's amazing how easy it is to love the paparazzi when the cod-funk-cod Jay Kay is involved.

Snapper Allan Chapman was waiting outside for a rumoured appearance by Lindsay Lohan at the Kabaret Prophecy Club when big-headed Kay arrived and thought the photographers were there for him.

Jay Kay - who has already been cautioned for the offence - said "I'm going to kill you all!" and thumped Chapman, calling him a "gay boy from south London." Nice!

Chapman's lawyer Nigel Lloyd said that they were confident of getting some cash out of the Jamiroquai pillock: "[Jay Kay] has accepted a caution and so he can't defend it. We are now putting together evidence and medical details and will be pursuing a claim and recovering damages."

Over at the excruciatingly named fan website 'Jamiroquair - the funkin [sic] site', fans are mixed in their reaction. "Get in there Jay next time try to make it look like an accident though :)" offers Snolan helpfully, while the rather more militant Marco Antonio says "yeah kay, kill those f*ckers I keep buying cds!" Hola!

In contrast, Space Clav has a wiser head, saying, "Paps are c*nts and all, but... Jay did wrong. Understandable? Yes! But still wrong in the eyes of the law. Alcohol makes people do stupid things, but you really can't blame the drug. People choose to drink. Do something stupid and face the consequences... it's as simple as that. Pay and forget Jay. One right hook to the head can't be worth that much anyway."


Mixed emotions.
I think violence of any kind is unnecessary and completely stupid but really, sueing almost six months later? Also unnecessary. I'm sure in reality there was hardly any real loss. I mean, why don't I sue the council because I stubbed my toe on their crater filled footpath so I had to spend $2 on a pack of bandaids. Let's stop trying to win all the time and just get on with things.

agree janie think J thinks he needs to resort to this kind of raucous to remain in the public eye - I think he should focus on his talent more and create more of the emergency on plant earth generation of music, more orchestral and less 'radio' type of music....

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