Jamiroquai songs on TV

Added on Wednesday 25 April 2007, 06:40 (UTC)

Jamiroquai songs are often used on television shows as background music and here are two recent examples...

  • Discovery Channel in the US has been using Virtual Insanity in commercials advertising their forthcoming "Space Week".
  • In the BBC broadcast of the London Marathon this past Sunday, Destitute Illusions was played during a long montage of clips from the race.
Have you heard Jamiroquai tracks on television recently?  If so, why not post a news comment and tell the world...
Credit: Eric Zupancich, Carly Sayell

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I heard "Love Foolosophy" like the soundtrack for "Easy Driver", an italian TV show ( Rai 1 channel ) dedicated to present new automobiles in commerce.


Space Cowboy was played last Saturday on BBC1's Football Focus!

If ever you watch "The fabulous life of" there are many Jamiroquai songs that play. The music for Feels just like it should is always played when they show you how rich the celebrity is, and Little L is played when they show you where the stars go clubbing.

a lot of love foolosophy cosmic girl and YGMS is often played on mtv as background music in shows and sometimes they play deeper unferground on mtv germany...


For all the german people:

In television you can hear on the Channels SAT1, Pro7, RTL, RTL2 often Tracks!!!!!!!!!!

From the EOPE era (for example TYTD) till High Times Singles (Radio and Runaway)

The most time I hear it on Pro7

"La nouvelle Star", the french equivalent of "American Idol", usually uses Deeper Underground at the beginning and at the end of the report about the contestants.

In addition to VH1, more and more commercials are playing Jamiroquai. Feels Just Like it Should was used in three different advertisments.

Here in the USA, the Cingular Black Jack cell phone is featured in a saucy tv commercial while "Feels like it should" cranks out.

Deeper underground on telefoot (french channel TF1 - football program)

Yea, I was doing some homework in my room, and my father's watching TV and I heard Virtual insanity between Commercials. It was a Documentary on Discovery channel that was playing the song. I thought to myself, "Wow, that's great they're playing more Jamiroquai in the United States." It Seems Jamiroquai is really starting to be a household expression now.

Yes I was going to comment about the Virtual Insanity that is on the Discovery Channel, I have been seeing this a lot lately....very cool!

i think now there is a JMQ song for every tv need FJLIS for things that are like for lack of a better word bling

COTE for calm nature shots

space cowboy for anything drug related :S

and CH whenever there is any type of dance

Backgrounf music of jamiroquai... there is a lot here..
I always listen a song of jamiroquai in a channel called "UTILISIMA", I heard starchild, seven days in sunny june..
and in Fashion shows, in "FTV" i heard talullah, loveblind, and lovefoolosophy.. =)

And there wasa comercial show in VH1(Pop Culture), where I heard Canned Heat! =)


Yeaa! we have a topic about this at our forum forum/viewtopic.php?t=253

Yes, the Little L intro on this evening's Sweet Baby James on BBC1:

yep, great commercial in the US for a cell phone. It's really good and FJLISS is put to good use. On of the most creative US commercials in a long time. You can watch it on Youtube:

Good advert Karina, thanks for sharing! :)

EUROSPORT loves JMQ too especially Watts and WRC ads


I hear daily.... "FEELS JUST LIKE IT SHOULD" with alot of gaps in the lyrics on the FIFA Playstation game. Apparently the lyrics are a little too risque

aaaa !! i heard today " CANNED HEAT " on a brazilian program from mtv called "Casal Neura " its a program like " Boys X girls "

and heard "Planet home " / " Supersonic "

on the same program, but other day :D

"FEELS JUST LIKE IT SHOULD" was used as background music for the t.v. show CSI Las Vegas for the opening scene about 2 seasons back (2005).

On the Scfi channel here in the states. I heard on the 2nd and 3rd episode of the Dresden Files a new hot mix of Feels Just Like It Should.In the background music in a club setting. Since everybody has been talking about the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Don't forget about the movie CENTER STAGE made in 2000. With Zoe Saldana and Peter Gallagher. It seems like the whole album was played in different scenes. The main dance scene Canned Heat. Not bad of a movie if you like ballet dancers.

Cosmie Girl and Feels Just Like It Should for Max TV adverts and Corner of the earth for and Australian car advert but we can remember what one thoe

Emergency on Planet Earth was played on GMTV on Monday....

I've heard a couple of songs played on this morning talkshow called Sunrise. They play songs just before they go to a break. Ps this is in Australia...

Canned Heat was used for Channel 4's "Wife Swap" last week.

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