Jay Kay Gumball Rally competition

Added on Tuesday 24 April 2007, 16:39 (UTC)

Smartphone and PDA manufacturer HTC is currently running a competition to win a "HTC P3300 personal mobile navigator", which is the GPS "device Jay Kay of Jamiroquai will be using in this year’s Gumball rally", via their website.  To enter the competition please visit the HTC website.

This news helps confirm the earlier story that Jay will be involved in the event - driving with the Adidas team. 

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Go Jay Go!!!. .. hope u have a great time, stay positive, drive safe don't let the negative ppl discourage u!! --> :P

jajaja, Yeahhhh!!!!!!
from Argentina.

Nice one David, you didn't like my post so you deleted it. You lost all respect... also it doesn't help that you have ignored all of my discography submissions I made ages ago.

Here's it again.. let's see how long this one lasts:

I'm sorry but I've got to copy&paste one of my comment from the other gumball news item: "Just type "Gumball illegal" w/o quotes to google and enlighten yourself.. one comment from some site tells everything you need to know: "gumball in itself is not illegal, since officially its not a race, there is no prize or observation of who comes first or second. however, what most gumballers do (speeding etc) is not that legal" So there you have it, legal, not illegal, semantics. I said it once and I'm gonna say it again; F#%K all gumballers, drivers, fans.."

You just have to wonder what Adidas, Smartphone & HTC (+others?) are signaling with their support for such idiotic event?!

Grow up people, take some responsibility.. ask yourselves this question: what would I think about the event and the racers if my child would be run over by one of the speeders? Possibly heavily drunk? Remember, they like to point out that they are "...most eccentric group of thrill-seekers imaginable, partying every night...", and also they like to endorse the event with comments from total idiots: "...rally offers an escape from the every day and an excuse for "aristocratic delinquency" (Steve O, Jackass)".

I'm not perfect but I don't risk other's lives just to get my feel good fix when I can't cope with my normal mundane everyday life.

Fay: apologies that you were upset by the removal of the message. The main reason for this was that this news item is really about a competition, and there was already a news item about the rally in general (linked from this item). I won't delete the message you posted now as I understand you feel strongly for it.

Yes, it is strange that so many big companies get behind it, and the point about people partying (and drinking) at night and then driving in the morning is a very valid one if that is indeed what happens.

As for the discography, I'm really far behind on updates here - mainly because I just can't find the time to do it. I've got some discography updates in my inbox from January and March and hopefully yours is in there. Before I do these I have the next set of lyrics to get on the site as well. Its just that I'm unable to spend many hours working on the site at present.

I'm so ashamed now. Please David, accept my sincerest apologies. Patience is a virtue, and you teached me a lesson.

My only motive for such outburst was to pass on information.. that's why I copied my previous comment.. and my feelings about the issue carried me to write stupid comments about you. Misunderstandings are very common, especially here in internet.

Thank you very much for your time put on this site and community. I hope that updating/managing doesn't wear you out. I also hope that my stupid embarrasing comments made any difference..

Don't get caught by the police!!! LOL Have fun and enjoy! See you at the finish!

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