Jay driving in the 2007 Gumball rally?

Added on Sunday 22 April 2007, 06:23 (BST)

After the band performed at the launch party for the 2005 Gumball Rally a news item at the GTSpirit website suggests that Jay is rumoured to be driving for team Adidas in the 2007 rally, which sets off from central London at the end of this month (28 April).

More information about the rally can be found at, and details of the Adidas entry in the rally can be found at

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arabian nights...

be careful

That'll be great - Jay would be so perfect for that - he loves racing - go Jay go!!!!


didn't jay take part in this last year as well???
i though I heard somewhere that he did


... today in the London streets there is also a show to celebrate the 60 years of FERRARI!


go Jay goooooo

i think jay did a public performance at the start of the rally in 2005.

Cheers Russ, you're right. I forgot how long the last album promotion stuff went on for!

yeah!!! Jay is the best at driving!!! =)

He will be the star of that rally ^^

never say to a gunballer to drive carefully!

at leat there is a new of Jay... :D

That van is not long for this world, lol

adidas + jamiroquai+cars
fantastic combination !!! hehe

Who's Jay?

Isn't that race illegal and done on public roads? F#%k all who'll support that kind of reckless behaviour. Some people just can't think about others.. and of course, cars, jewelry, you name it, are for shallow people getting their "feel good" fix. Not jealous.. really.. I possibly can't be.

that's normal between artists...jealousy...
you've watched that all your life

question: did somebody won to that stupid game on gunball page??

go Jay go...speed free!

Patience is a virtue that grows only under trial, Vere.

I don't think it's a game, it's a test of your endurance;-)

Just a little tip for Mr. Kay

Think you need your licence?
And don't get cought speeding, was he not on a 5 year coution? god.
this race is official or is ilegal yet?
because if is ilegal please jay dont drive...and by the way,freaky is right, the licence jay have maybe isnt legal yet...i mean, could jay dont drive for least only in his house, but outside he cant.
by the way, the knaus c-liner(the motorhome jay owns)have a award at the best motorhome.
soon i will try to post more on
jay, be careful, please
speed dont means cool

can somebody please tell me is jay kay going to be at the gumball on sat or sun and at what time does this start i would love to be there!!

dear god lol...i believe it's legal...calm down everyone

Just type "Gumball illegal" w/o quotes to google and enlighten yourself.. one comment from some site tells everything you need to know: "gumball in itself is not illegal, since officially its not a race, there is no prize or observation of who comes first or second. however, what most gumballers do (speeding etc) is not that legal" So there you have it, legal, not illegal, semantics. I said it once and I'm gonna say it again; F#%K all gumballers, drivers, fans..

Here's another article that mentions Jay


that truck/van looks like somit out of the A-Team.. what decade r they (adidas) in?.. really??.. Looks like it will be a fun event tho.. No drinkin and driving and watch those benz.. Oh joy!

Yes Smartgirl you are rite...but must admit I droped it!!!!! boring game with no solution!

Why are you all so worried about Jay? he's not stupid, he certenly knows everything about his driving license better than us...we should be happy and scream GO JAY GO with BM's flags all over the Gunball path!!!

For those interested, you can follow the race through the Warrior Heart Foundation. They will have a camera in their car. They will be racing to inspire and empower people to live their dreams. See more here: or

I just remembered the way talked about losing his license, back in the day.
He was NOT happy about it, and that was just the first time he lost it

Vere, I probably quit before you did;-) This game IS boring*lol* We should put up our own team for next year's Gumball (anyone got a spare 50,000....and a car...;-)

I'd give up my "front seat in heaven" to be sitting next to Jay during the race!

If it´s true... care you Jay

as someone else has said "adidas+jamiroquai+cars" hopefully Ferrari right? that's just too awesome.

He was! I was standing on a bridge over the M20 this evening, trying to get a glimpse of the cars and when the police officer came to tell us it was all over and the last car had passed through, he confirmed that Jay Kay was driving a car in the rally.

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