Update from Derrick McKenzie re: low key gigs

Added on Friday 20 April 2007, 12:44 (BST)

Here is an update from Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie on his thoughts surrounding band members performing and working separately to Jay - something that they've been doing to an extent for years, although not really as an (almost) complete group until recently...

Hi David.  I just checked the site and saw that people are getting a little confused over us doing low key gigs and all Jamiroquai stuff, to be perfectly honest we are doing these gigs as it keeps the band together and also it keeps us all in the right frame of mind as a band so that when we do get back together which is not in too distant future we can all be use to playing our instrument s in the same family unit that we are use to.  Jay has decided to take a break so he can recharge his batteries and come back into the business with a clear head and firing on all cylinders to move on.We have played the Jamiroquai songs for a very long time non stop for the past six years or so and there comes a time when you have to step away from those tracks and play other styles and pieces of music.  We use Hazel [Fernandez] on the first gig and Nicole Russo on the last gig we did in Cambridge which also went well.  The guys and myself really look forward to playing these small gigs as we play tunes which we were brought up on and listened too throughout our musical careers.  we play these tracks as they help us to create new ideas and explore new avenues and styles of music.I want to let  you all know that Jamiroquai as a band might be taking a break but it wont be for too long I assure you we just need time to get our new stuff together and start to enjoy dong what we love doing best which is writing playing and gigging!!!!!!!!!!!!We know you all might be thinking oh my gosh what’s going on here is there more scandal like in the papers!!!!!!! HELL NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I can assure you we are all good, my dear fans.  If we have another gig we will let David know on this site and if you check our my space pages it will be on there also.Please remember we will play covers only, the songs that we love to play and listen too.Wishing you all the very best and making sure that we will see you all real soon!!!!!!!!much love and respectDerrickxxx

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Well that clears that up... Thanks Derrick!

Thanks Derrick

Hi Derrick,
Thanks for your letter.
Tell us about Jamaica? Was it nice and have you recharged your baterries? Let me tell you, you all looked really groovy on that 'low key' beach stage:)

Derrick, I love you so much!

Haa too cool!
I don't trully know what's the fuzz about jamiroquai quitting music, we all well know it was a cheap trick. What gets my atention is the effort the band members are doing to make trully clear that they won't.... we dig we dig...
as far as the low key gigs, where the party's at? Videos? Mexico probably? you guys can stay at my place...

dang derrick - that's a lot of typing!
thanks for the update. play on -

I loved that mail! Thanks Derrick!



my favourite word of that mail..." GIGGING"!! :)))
thanks derrick!
hope to see U(!!!) really soon again :)

Hey, you all deserve a little break too! Hope you are all enjoying it. Looking forward to the new stuff. Hugs to you, Jay, and the rest of the band.

Thanks for the update! Nicole Russo is a great singer-she was featured with the Brand New Heavies on one of their more recent CDs. Can't wait to see you all back in the US, hopefully you'll swing by DC or Baltimore this time : )



I love covers i hope you are not playing them with some of your influences ;-P

Cheers for that Derrick! You are a star!

Thx for this msg Derrick!
U never let us down!


thanks derrick for clear us
i cant wait to listen a new album soon
have a great time and dont forget to play loud¡

Nice to hear from you ! And yessss, that would be great, seeing this kind of gig, totaly different !

thank you derrick!how about some info on those gigs....any recordings :) ?

Thank you for taking part of your free time to give us such informations.
Have fun in those gigs :)

derrick you are a top bloke to actually give us some of your time to give info on what the happenings are

keep up the good work :D

thanks for the info Derrick, phew... I was a lil worried there, keep jammin it out :o)I'm still looking forward to seeing u guys-n-gals one day.

Thankyou, and all the best.

Thanks for clearing that up Derrick, it's great that you're taking the time for us fans!
I have to say, I'd love to come by to one of those gigs! :)

Derrick!! ur the best1!.. Great to see the band love their Giggin!!! that's what we like to see.. Wooo! :P

Thanks so much Derrick. Sincerely I think the band need a break (six years arround the world made you so tired!!!). For example you, Paul and Rob have little childs and the family is also important for all jamiroquai team.

For the fans is so sad to have a year without gigs but... we can meet us in the jamirosites and jamiroforums (like the fantastic funkin, thans so much dear David). And for example, a lot of spanish fans meet us at and speak every day about jamiroquai hoping the next live gig!!!

Chers for you and enjoy this hollydays!!!

Cheers Derrick!

It's fantastic to hear from you! Hope your having a bit of a break too, I can imagine the last few years have been super hectic for you and the guys. Keep grovin!

Thankyou Derrick!

I can only join the rest of us: It's good to hear from you, enjoy the time off en I'm looking foreward to the new stuff.

Best regards, hugs, kisses, peace at heart and all the other good things in life to you all!

Thanks Derrick!!!!!

YEAH! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derrick....your such a dude!

Thanks for that letter... all of them need a year off

David, thank you so much for providing this website! I never thought I would have so much fun with such a great band!

Derrick, great to hear from you...lots of blessings to you and your loved ones and pass it on to the rest for me.

WOW! thanks Derrick for this explation... Its so great that u never forget us!!

By the way, I would have loved to listen to the gig you've done with Nicole Russo... she's such a GREAT singer!!!

Thank you for being so caring, Derrick.
We all love and respect you too!

Much 10x 4 the update Derrick.. according 2 the feedback following your blog, many fans must have been concerned with the ''thing''.. i am glad u cleared it out for us...
best ,

Thank you so much Derrick!!
I loved that mail too "D!"


This is good to hear, Derrick. Thanks for the heads up!

Thank you so much for your message Derrick!!!

Derrick, thank you so much for the news - looking forward to the next small gig - trouble is, if you tell us, how can you keep it small!???

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