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Added on Monday 16 April 2007, 22:44 (BST)

After stories of Jamiroquai bandmembers performing some low-key gigs (not playing Jamiroquai tracks) with other singers late last year, things have been fairly quiet, especially with the promotion surrounding the High Times album.

Well, the group, otherwise known as The Decoys performed a low key gig in Cambridge, England last week (12 April).  More discussion and information about this and the bands previous gigs can be found at

Credit: Meike Melansek

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This reminds me of something I've been wondering about, who owns Jamiroquai's music now, if they held a concert tomorrow would they be allowed to play their previous hits, or does Sony hold the rights to them?

Sony would hold the rights to the master recordings, which means they can put them out in whatever form they want (such as a best of or the like), but they have no power over what they play in a live setting.

If Jamiroquai wanted to release a live album, it would depend on their contract. Sometimes record companies stipulate that songs originally recorded for them can't be re-recorded and released for another company - live recordings/albums included.

This situation hit The Black Crowes when they toured with Jimmy Page. The set was both Crowes and Led Zeppelin tunes with a few covers, but the subsequent album was only the Zeppelin songs.

Long story short(er), Sony have no control over what Jamiroquai play live... EVER and if Sony want to re-release anything (such as a best of) then they still have to pay the band/songwriters royalties for performing and writing rights.

Well, its semi-accurate I suppose, they just muddled the dates up a bit....

Jamiroquai Play Minus Jay Kay

by Tim Cashmere - April 17 2007
photo by Ros O'Gorman

The band behind modern day electro-funk milliner's dream Jay Kay, who together with Kay go under the name Jamiroquai, have broken off and performed a secret show in England as The Decoys.

The band played at La Rasa in Cambridge and filled their set mainly with covers from bands like Toto and Prince.

Hazel Fernandez, one of the backing vocalists for Jamiroquai was given lead vocal duties for the night.

Keyboardist Matt Johnson said on his blog, "Last night all the guys (apart from Jay) and myself did a little secret gig in Cambridge with Hazel Fernandez singing. We just did obscure funk and rare groove tunes that we love, and did our own versions of some things. It was great fun to play with the guys in a small venue, the crowd loved it. I must say, we were firing!"

Keep an eye on it if you want to hear about future gigs.

:O i didnt know sony still had the rights i thought that they could no longer release any albums without jamiroquai consent other than re issues of ones already released under them

this could be bad for our hopes of an official live album

and the decoys name is very clever lol

hmm...any recordings?would love to get my hands on one of those!

thanks david for this article!...i hope i will get the opporunity once to hear them play..

that article from Tim Cashmere is a bit confusing - it is mixing up infos from both secret gigs. For example he quotes an old message of Matt's blog from September 2006 in which Matt tells about the secret gig last year. Maybe Mr. Cashmere has read the thread at jamirotalk where we discussed both secret gigs and didn't noticed it actually were two different things. ;)

Meike: indeed. He's really got himself confused over it.

Oh, and another thing. There was at least another gig they did, I believe in October last year, but not in Cambridge.

Yes Meike!
In that article Tim Cashmere quotes an old message of Matt's blog from September 2006... I remember that gig beacause Matt wrote on his my space blog and I leave a comment about.

i dont like it when Jamiroquai members perform seperatly with other artists and bands.. bad trend..

For me is ok, is another experience!

(don't block his way...)

.. vast majority of the bands whose members went doing solo projects or side collaborations, disband afterwards.. thats why i thinks it's Not That exciting.. =/

i saw them on french t v with an old french singer name francis lalanne on a video it was so weird the music was so bad!!!!!and the guy didn t sell record for the past 15 years;i don t know what the boys aredoing.theguypromote his album telling everywhere he is playing with jamiroquai band§ it s so bad for jay in france cause french public will think he is has been like francis lalanne !!!!!!

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