Jamiroquai Bootleg Vault website opens

Added on Thursday 26 April 2007, 18:52 (BST)

A new Jamiroquai site dedicated to live recordings has recently launched - the Jamiroquai Bootleg Vault contains a continually growing list of bootleg recordings for download.

Since the excellent audio archives from are no longer available, here's hoping that this site gives fans a great resource to build up their live audio collection.

Thanks to Simon Merrick (from for launching the site. 

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Thanx Simon ! You keep the music alive !

sounds great cant wait to check it out because although the hub is good it is very difficult to use eficiently

Thank you very much Simon!
The site is great!

Thanx again to share it with all the Jamily :-)

thank you so much Simon
i think these were only available as files that were only playable on media classic player - so big thanks!

thanx for taking the time to put this site together!!! i was wondering, a while back, a fan give david one of jamiroquai's house of blues performances on the download page. i think the songs were virtual insanity, slippin''n' slidin', and emergency on planet earth. i was trying to see if simon, david, or the fan could put it back on the download page.

There is a whole lot of people who is interested,

Many many thanx

thank you very much Simon for the hard work! much apreciated :D

Sounds great!! Heading over now.

How young does Jay sound!? Still tight then as they are now.. made very good listening

There's a wicked bunch of diamonds in that lot. Simon, thankyou so much mate!


cheers si, great site

Cheers Cheers Cheers!!!

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