Stuart Zender plays on Mark Ronson's new single

Added on Saturday 14 April 2007, 07:13 (BST)
Ex-Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender plays bass on the new single by Mark Ronson.  Stop Me, from Mark's new album, is a cover of a track by English band The Smiths.  Fans may also recall that Stuart played live with Mark's band at the Lovebox Festival that was held in London in 2006.
Credit: Sheereen Usman

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and this is a cracking track! - there is a thread on Jamirotalk started by simon Merrick.

Haha I have been loving this song for a while now but didn't realise it was Stu! Great song!

didn't Ronson do a remix of feels just like it should

nice.glad stu is being busy these days hehe

Yes, he did a great and creative work with Feels Just Like it Should!!!

Is good to know about Zender`s current projects

You can also download the video from from them playing on T-Mobiles Transmission show here:

Or watch it on YouTube here:

Should have another live performance available soon. ;)

Neither did i know it was Stuart until i bought the disc and saw it on the inlay! No wonder i loved the bassline in that track lol! Wonder if he's played the bass in the other tracks on Ronson's upcoming album? Did wonders with FJLIS and his own stuff is wicked too.

Its likely SZ played on more of the album tracks.

Albums out on Monday, so I'll guess we will know then ;)

I really like the track but Smiths fans will probably hate it!

Find out from and get version.

Hi to all! I'm from the newest apple center in Rome!

Wow, I'm now downloading the track, I'm listening...

It is so cooool!

Great job, and thank you very much for posting he news!

By by from the MAC world :-)

Just an update that Stu plays on another track on Mark Ronson album which is called "Apply Some Pressure." On most of the other tracks another guy plays bass or Ronson himself amongst various other instruments, avery talented guy indeed. Oh and Stu gets 2 or 3 mentions in the credits alegend indeed!:-)

I met Stu at Fabric in August at his Mark Ronson Gig- he signed my Warwick Streamer Bass. That was mega!
see pix on

SZ played bass again with Mark on Jo Whileys Radio 1 show 'Live Lounge' from Maida Vale last Friday (13th april). The show is now available to download from

Thank you Simon!

I know this isn't a Mark Ronson website, but I found this little quirky interview funny...and the man is nice to look at in addition to having a good ear for music:

what a GREAT song!!!!!!!! Gosh! I love it!!

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