Denise doesn't talk about Jay (at last!)

Added on Sunday 15 April 2007, 19:13 (BST)
Following all the discussion from the previous news item a couple of weeks ago, the Mirror newspaper (UK) reports more on Denise van Outens love life - this time that she's "...fallen for the first boy she ever kissed."  More information can be found at the What's On TV website.
Credit: Anna Hornostaj

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Good new! xD

Hehe, good for Ol' Missus Van Outen, hopefully she'll lay off the "JK dirt rumour throwing" and go on with her life. Cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~

that's nice....BUT is this a DVO fansite or a jamiroquai one?

Its a Jamiroquai fansite - I'm just hoping that this is some closure on the Jay/Denise stories. At least for a few weeks!

DVO will always be apart of Jamiroquai news. She features as a vital part of the music, lyrics and history of Jamiroquai. She also happens to be a very respectable and decent woman with an admirable career behind her and ahead of her, good luck to her and I wish her every happiness in her professional and personal life.

^^^^ blablabla. it's not that we hate her, it's just that we don't care. If someone wants some news go to her site.

Then why comment at all????

well...i kinda agree with that david but who knows how long it's gonna take for it all to end...

I agree with Jameerica, coverage of Denise's life is really off topic. I could honestly care less what she's up to, and for that matter, anyone else Jay is dating or has dated. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a site about Jamiroquai i.e. their music and relevant events related to the band members' lives..Are we going to have a story about Derrick's wife's grocery list in the near future?

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