Victory Dance...or Travelling Without Moving

Added on Monday 09 April 2007, 18:48 (BST)
Italian producer/DJ Micky More has recently released a tracked called Victory Dance which (when you listen to the track at his MySpace pages), sounds very much like Travelling Without Moving.  This probably explains why he lists Jamiroquai as one of his influences...
Credit: Greg Ferguson

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Thanks for the link :) His Earth Ritual intro = also very familiar sounding ;)

is it allowed to take all the bassline???
don´t u need permission of the band of that?
sorry if this is a silly question i don´t know so much about that .

Yeah thats right, Canned heat for Earth Ritual !
I enjoy this sound =)

and listne to window of paradise. theres a part from the brass arrangements of mr moon live from twm tour.
it's clear this dj haves some jami bootlegs ;-)

Haha it sounds like a TWM remix!

He must be crediting JMQ in some way for this. I do like this though! I may just buy these! :D

That's what I call outrageous covers made by unknown and not talented "DJ"... Difficult to be creative when you don't understand what music means...

I say let's report plagiarism


Yeah there's gotta be some sort of copyright infringement going on. Should we just assume he's paying royalties lol? But if he's not, it's like Vanilla Ice trying to explain the difference between "Ice, Ice, Baby" and the Queen song with the same bassline.

Ripoff. But a good remix! I'm diggin it, but I wouldn't buy it unless royalties were being paid.

Reminds me of something I've always wanted to bring up here. Maroon 5 (marry me Adam). Listen to Sunday Morning by them and then listen to Space Cowboy. Sounds like the same band. Also I heard their new song, Makes me Wonder, and the DJ said straight out that they must have been hanging around with Jamiroquai. Copyright? Well everything's copied these days. How many times have we heard the I IV V progression?

i still think it´s a difference if u copy a whole bassline or use kind of same chord sequence..but there must be a law about this somewhere..

it is almost exactly the same bass but the rest is pretty much completely different

if it was listed as traveling without moving remix then fair enough but it isn't so im not sure what to think

and you guys are right about the canned heat song to :S

nice one!

"say let's report plagiarism


alright so listen to johnny hammond's los conquistadores chocolates, djavan & stevie wonder's samurai, deodato's superstrut, idis muhammad's could heaven ever be like this, roy ayer's running away...

Agree with Jamikaki !
Plagiarism exist in many songs from Jamiroquai. Another exemples exist.

Maybe im deaf but i dont think it sounds like TWM. excellent track though!


not bad...but the original is better....and isn't this plagiarism?

Hail to the thief... We can easily recognize TWM (Bassline, chords progression and Rhodes sound, very close to Matt style) Canned Heat (nothing to add...) and Horns arrangments from Mister Moon (live track) on all these tracks. This guy completly steals Jamiroquai's work without saying it clearly. ASHAMED !!! And he shares it on web... Moreover, To have influences is totally DIFFERENT from havin' no talent. This guy gets only one... Second answer...

@ PJB... listen again TWM and this version..u cannot not hear how similar it is

yeah this is pretty much a straight rip..without permission, most likely. he added a little bit, but for the most part, it's TWM remixed. the guy has talent, but not so much in a creative sense. he's a decent producer, as in he knows how to put together a track...

also, window of paradise is a good song, but does sample the flute line from mr.moon. and earth ritual is obviously canned heat, as mentioned before.

guys I don't think it's a rip off if there are no vocals I mean jazz and reggae cats do that all the time with same beats rap hip hop's all recycled...I think it's cool.

it sounds fresh and I think he did a good job! it's cool that he represented Jamiroquai and not somebody else!??!?

he doesn't know the song...and best question marks
ever ...hello goodmorning ...

Sounds very good... but... he's been "borrowing" an awful lot, lol. Take a listen in the middle of 'Window Of Paradise' for example. You'll recognise something very familiar. Perhaps not as obvious as the CH and TWM basslines though. But a true JMQ fan should notice in a 10th of a second. ;)

i actually cant believe he gets away with it

you saw his backlights...

where's the sense of achievement there eh???

It's actually a good tune and Jamiroquai are just as guilty of poaching music from other artists. Let it be and enjoy the groove ... :)

I am afraid i still cant hear it as a complete rip off. ive heard of other bands songs sounding so much more like old songs and its not often a bad thing. like many of you, my cds in my car and at home are all Jamiroquai and i am always trying to broaden my listening, this guy could be close.

good gracious, splendid track...

Right on Funkadelic! But I must say that I feel impelled to buy an organ and some software to see if I start my songs off sounding like Jamiroquai will Peng pick me up? I have a friend named jay?????

jamiroquai may have borrowed small themes from other artists, but certainly all of their songs are not borrowed from the same artists, and they do a good job of covering their tracks/flipping the sample. this guy has 4 songs up, 3 of which borrow elements from jamiroquai. easily recognizable elements as well, not just chord progressions etc.

(paperbag... haha.)

Sweet... iTunes has a nice mess up here. If you want to buy this Victory Dance track along with around 13 other tracks, all for the cost of 1 iTunes song, then do a search for it and go to the "Om Summer Session" album. Look at the first track. It's a combination of all the tracks on the album, including Victory Dance, and it's selling for the price of 1 itunes song.

to robotscantadlib
listen the tracks i told before and see how many elements from the song are taken to get the new jamiroquai one

I wonder who is playing the bass on these tracks. Did he get a guy to play them, is it sampled or is it a computer or something. either way at least 2 of these tracks are cover tunes. He should just admit it and his shame will be punishment enough, no need for law a suit

I don’t believe you can copyright musical notes, rhythms, or chord progressions. As there are only 12 notes in the musical alphabet, it is next to impossible to avoid duplicating at least parts of previous work. There are only so many note combinations that sound good together. If anyone is foolish enough to believe they’re creating something completely original, which has never been done before, they’re very naive. However, it is unusual for an artist to borrow so much from one source, as some of you have mentioned. DJ Micky More has clearly used Jamiroquai basslines and chord progressions in his work. But, since there are no lyrics it doesn’t constitute plagiarism. That said I personally feel embarrassed for DJ Micky More. Although I do like the tracks (remixes) he’s produced, they are obviously more than influenced by Jamiroquai, which I’m sure he is well aware of. Acknowledging this fact would simply be a professional courtesy.

I'd say the songs are close enough to Jamiroquai's tracks that if it was done without permission it would be a problem, but do we know for sure it was done without permission? I know parts of Alright were sampled, but the only place I remember seeing this posted was on the inside of the booklet that came with the album, not on their website.

to jamirokaki - i know about those songs, and love them...and listen to them daily.

jamiroquai has done their share of sampling, but like i said..they 'flip' the sample, or do something different with it. they take it in another direction..and not all of their songs are based off of roy ayers, djavan, or any other single artist.

i'm just saying that this guy has borrowed heavily from jamiroquai and it's transparent. take away the jamiroquai elements and what do you have? a cheesy house conga-beat that he probably got off a samples cd.

not saying his songs arent well put together, but they take little imagination.

haha. i loved your reply robo, the conga's thing make me laugh. it is true.

and to random, yes you can coopyright progressions, i mean:
when you do a copyright from a song, you protect the song itself and there are a number of notes and progressions that can be acepted like plagiarism or not.
you can notice this in so many TV advertisements wich uses style of a film or any other known thing, andplay a song wich is so similar to the original theme, or remind you, but it's definitely not the same, that's because they pay some guy to take the song they want to rip off but don't want to pay for copyrights.
in the case of this dj's work i think he passed the limit, it's more a remix of the songs than a new track.

The bass line from Earth Ritual is from Cosmic Girl, particularly from the opening sequence of Cosmic Girl in Jamiroquai's concert in Verona.

guys...yes some parts of the song in victory dance sound very familiar to jamiroquai..but its all live instrumentation... here are some video clips from you tube from the making of it. seeing is believing...
link 1: link 2: link 3: and note: listen to johnny hammonds "los conquistadores chocolates" and tell me that Jamiroquai didn't take a piece...:-) Music is always being re-hashed in one form or another. Yes I believe Micky more has taken the vibe from johnny hammonds "los conquistadores chocolates of which Jamiroquai has taken it toooooo... but Micky has done it with class and brought his own musicians to create something fresh with a head nod to the past... there is no future without remembering our past... so many musicians take from the past...even Jamiroquai.... so take a look at the video and lay your sampling issues to rest....thank you...

It's all about how it is rehashed. Micky More has done a good job in making a Jamiroheaven of everything Jamiroquai swirled into something he might like to call his own, but I don't think that's fair.

This music is wholely Jamiroquai. Not just bits or splices, this bloke has really put in a lot of time and trouble to exact the right parts of Jamiroquai's works and blend them on top of and into eachother.

Nice effect, but to me it's Jamiroquai adlibbing.

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