When You Gonna Learn white label remix

Added on Monday 09 April 2007, 07:06 (BST)
When You Gonna Learn remix label

As a bit of an Easter treat, from the downloads page of this site you can now download a new bootleg vinyl remix of When You Gonna Learn? 

The "Pound For Pound" remix first appeared around March of this year and if you want the real thing in your hands, the 12" vinyl can be purchased from stores such as Hard To Find.

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'Pound for Pound' - I haven't heard that descriptive term in years! Thanks D for uploading - going to listen now. Hope your Easter was well.


Thanks so much! Sounds good!

thanks david!! first the virutal easteregg searching , now this...
i love easter with the funkin jamily :) always...

Thanks David :)
Downloading now.

thanks david..

=) i love the remix..

much appreciated David! :D

cheers david! happy Easter

Thanks a lot!!!

Wow David, this is NICE! Man, I love this website! %^}

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