Easter Egg hunt at Jamirotalk

Added on Sunday 08 April 2007, 07:40 (BST)
Jamirotalk Easter Egg Hunt has just added an Easter Egg hunt to the forums of the site.

If you find 12 "eggs" which are hidden in recent posts, you'll get an "easter surprise".  It doesn't take long to find the eggs and the reward is pretty cool.

All the information about how to take part in the 2007 Easter Egg hunt can be found at

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i know i ain't gonna be finding those...i wouldn't see a plane if it hit me in the face non the less an EGG!

jameerica, it's quite easy if you search in the newest threads (the eggs are hidden in the last 1000 postings, randomly) and take care that you are logged in while searching, otherwise you can't see them. Good luck! ;)

thanks so much for this! it´s always funny and makes the easter days even better! :))))

yay me has done it!

I loved the game! =)

what do you win?

really funny game, you guys are great and always do the best x us! we can't say what you not fair, play your game and you'll see :DD

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