Gig In The Sky - Official Gallery #2

Added on Friday 09 March 2007, 19:16 (GMT)
Gig In The Sky - 27 February 2007 has added a gallery of photos from last weeks Gig In The Sky to the site gallery.  In addition to the photos, there are quotes from Matt, Rob, Paul and Derrick who talk about what it was like performing at 30,000+ feet and also what equipment they used on board the plane.

"I'd say overall it was an amazing experience but I must admit when the plane started to rock I wondered if our actions had angered the gods! If they'd meant us to play up there they would have given us wings!" - Matt Johnson

"Flying for me will never be the same again. Even on the way back to the UK I kept thinking I've played my guitar on one of these things and I’ll probably never get the chance to do it again." - Rob Harris

"The gig was fun, if a little strange. There were some buzzes and feedback but considering what we were doing it went very well and was a good laugh." - Paul Turner

"Playing on the plane was definitely an experience, and playing on such a small kit was fantastic!!!!!" - Derrick McKenzie

Please visit to read all the quotes and see the photos.

Apologies for the delay in getting these online but I hope you agree that the wait was worth it...

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david..fantastic pics..thanks so much!!! :))
and thanks to rob matt paul and derrick for the statements..i was curious how it was for u!

thanks david i know how busy you are with your life and appreciate all this - the pics are wicked as ever!

david - these are fantastic shots, and i'm happy the quotes are actually specific and thorough. thank you!

Thanks david and thanks to Jamiroquai :)

is really nice to know what paul, derrick, rob think about the gig in the sky! :)

Congratulations David on the wicked pictures, and again to Jamiroquai.

sorry for my late mind's been pretty full these past days!

Brilliant photos - especially loving the image you caught of Meike and Suzi.

Rob's comments hit home. I think I would have just freaked if I was him.

Thanks Mr R...

David hello was nice crawing on the floor and shooting the some pix. Will send you a few of mine.

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