Buffalo Man in court appearance!

Added on Friday 09 March 2007, 23:07 (GMT)

An article at the Milton Keynes today website (UK) reports that a farmer who illegally displayed a 7.5 metre high wooden cut-out of the Jamiroquai buffalo-man logo has been fined over two thousand pounds (around 4,000 US dollars).

The advertising logo, displayed in the grounds of Brooklands Farm was positioned close to the M1 motorway - which is one of the major north-south motorways in England.  The logo was displayed for three weeks in November 2006, at the same time as the promotion and release of the High Times greatest hits album.

The website (from the Milton Keynes Citizen newspaper) reported that the farmer, Mr Williams, was fined £1,334 and ordered to pay costs of £746.90 after pleading guilty.  I can only guess that this advert was paid for by Sony BMG/Columbia Records and as such they will have to pay for the fine!

A photo of the advert and a little more information can be found at the Milton Keynes Today website. 

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WOW..this is BIG..i want one in my garden LOL

Isn't that lovely Sandriche? The only thing missing was the sunset in the background. Well worth the fine.

hi zed *waves*

with a sunrise it would have been morning glory...:)

I don't get it!. He was fined because....? . What's wrong with putting something up on your own property or was it causing too many accidents?..

the funky farmer...

very funny one

I made a light oak timber buffalo years ago, it sits on my window, its height is 2 foot. I better take it down real soon.!!!!lol

we've all got it...z...

Wait, why did he get fined? What is so illegal about that? I don't understand...

It is just a shame and dumb sony action.
They should be glad, that people are fans and that the buffalo logo gets so famous and this funky farmer makes some free promotion.
I would understand if Sony would protest against use of the logo when other companies want to sell their articles with it. But not this way against private people.
Hell, I got some buffalo shaped lamp made by another fan for me and some window buffalo paintings made myself on my home windows and car windows. I surely might go to jail for that, LOL

these are some big ,big spiders ...

in my opinion this farmer should be paid for promoting jamiroquai that well :)))

eeek ,i hate spideers...

hahahah... I also walk around with a buffalo man logo in my working credential... think I'll take it off... don't wanna be fined for that!

do , do ...

If law in UK is the same as here...the fine is easily explained.
Not that i agree but: it is FARMLAND, and nothings else. And aslong as a Buffalow(man) is not an animal it is illegal to put it there.

The farmer or Sony should have gotten a permit to place it there.
If Sony is the person who should have gotten the permit as a good advertising stunt!
Getting your add in the papers after everybody kinda forgot about Jamiroquai's greatest hits album.
(no cost for permit, and extra press for the illegal sign, ok there is a little extra penalty but in the end I think they will make profit)

everybody got it but me...

LOL - It wasn't one of us, and I didn't put my cousins up to doing it, so it must have been a Sony stunt !!!

I'm sure they will fork out from the royalty coffers to cover this amusing misdemeanor.

Zed & Sandi - MG 'touche' !!!

And for the others, it's the illegal status and the prosecution that adds to the advertising value, like Hugh Grants 'action' in cars with street walkers prior to a film release . . . any publicity is good publicity.

Three cheers for farmer funk !!!

@ Queenie, at Jamily we preach protection for sexual activity - DEESH - DEESH - DEESH - so carry on, but that explains perhaps why you haven't got 'it'.

"Mommy, I want one of those wooden buffalomen!!"


Beat's concrete cow's ! M.K. has been gagging for something to chuff about since the Theatre district ( with only one Theatre !!!!!!! ) went tit's up .

hands up...

never throw a stone into a crows nest ...
they make your day ...

That's a really funky scarecrow!

Farmland or no farmland... a farmer is in his right to protect his crops by using scarecrows, right? This one happened to be a rather big buffalo man, so what? I wonder why he pled guilty... I would appeal the sentence. "It's no advertising logo. It's a scarecrow for the love of God!"

Funky farmer though. I wonder what crops he was growing. ;-) funny! the fine isn't funny, but it's a cute story.

heather - *xo*

sony dont owns the jamiroquai logo, so the law cant say that the farmer must pay money, in fact sony must pay to the farmer
so blame on sony again.

Scarecrow...good one

Funky Famer protecting his crobs with it
Must be some huge BLACK CROW:P

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