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Added on Thursday 08 March 2007, 12:18 (GMT)
Jamiroquai - Scala, London - 7 March 2007

Here is the setlist from the Intel gig held at Scala in London's Kings Cross on Wednesday night.  Jay announced that this was the last gig that the band would be doing this year, and was truly thankful for the past 15 years of support.

  • Cosmic Girl, Space Cowboy, High Times, Black Capricorn Day, Little L, Radio, Feels Just Like It Should, Use The Force, If I Like It I Do It, Travelling Without Moving, Love Foolosophy, Main Vein, Time Won't Wait, Deeper Underground, Virtual Insanity (Encore) 

Following Deeper Underground, Jay seemed so touched by the crowd support that he didn't do his usual running-jump for the final note and just left the stage - closely followed by the rest of the band.  A few minutes later they all returned to the stage for an encore of Virtual Insanity - much to the delight of the crowd.

There were lots of photographers at the gig and if you find sites online with photos feel free to post a comment with this news item, but for now check out WireImage and CapitalRadio, and also, which will be posting a number of photos (of not just Jay) in the not too distant future... 

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Went to the concert last night and had a fantastic time! Jamiroquai rocked the place for over an hour and a half and JK really did come across as a genuinely nice guy!!

I was there too. Went there on an impulse decision and managed to get a free ticket. Missed the first song but enjoyed the rest very much.
Also, big hello to Darth Buzz aka Richard who got in with me. 39th gig for him apparantly.

as if they stopped the webcast before the encore!!

I didn't have a chance to watch the concert, any chance somebody might have recorded it and made it available for download?


The concert will apparently be available in "high quality" from the capital radio website tomorrow (Friday).

With Virtual Insanity encore?

A kicking night... went spur of the moment as a friend had free tickets and had am amazing time dancing away to the dulcit tones of J-Kay... loving his green trainers! Feeling nostalgic already.

oh, man... my connection went lost when they came out of the stage.....i wanted to see Virtual Insanity :(

"...number of photos (of not just Jay)..."

Thanks for that David! Capitol have only Jay (or with Rob&Paul, but not whole band) photos :-(

Wow - what a night! thats gotta take some topping.
Cheers for the pics david as i couldnt take any with you in the way! lol - just kidding - nice to see you there.

Great setlist!!! :)
love the photos..

How was his voice?

I've been hearing it was a great band performance but unfortunately I missed the show...

Roll on Friday.

A totally amazing night - still floating in a bubble right now, hopefully won't land soon :).

Looking forward to seeing it all over again tomorrow.

has anybody got the means to make an audio recording in mp3 of the gig when it is avaliable in the high quality broadcast?

was as jealous as hell wen i heard that the boys plucked 'Radio/FJLIS & UTF' outta the hat...i had no chance of goin 2 this gig....but at least the jamily were suitably entertained by the sounds of it!

A review here...

I was hoping to c them live again...;(

Thanks guys for a wonderful gig!

It was so great to meet everyone. The force is strong with Jamily! :)

Looking forward to your other photos David... also, nice meeting you mate!

thanks also to the online jamily...51 people synkronized online at jamirotalk yesterday :)))

i *SE* breaking records ;)

I was a little disapointed that I missed the beginning because I didn't know what I was doing and because I still have'nt quite figured out this GMT time thing. but it was still cool to watch it live once I got it going. At first I thought that the crowd just wasn't miked or something because Jay was being funny and everyone was silent and Jay was cool about it. Tuff crowd I guess.

I came to London yesterday evening to assist at the gig concert of Jkay. It was fantastic, cool environment, Jamiroquai is a group to be seen and seen again in concert, which pleasure. I am back to Paris this evening and the next months will be long without Jkay and the band. See you soon, Olivier

It was a PHENOMENAL Gig and Jamiroquai was AMAZING! The new song bridging the used was ingenius, something they started doing at the Gig In The Sky and following gig. You can still watch this gig on the CapitalFM website (, just register as a "VIP" and there you go. There is a AWESOME audio rip of the whole gig on, so look out for that too (MASSIVE Thanks to Andrew on for the quickness of these downloads!). Thanks for listening and Peace! ~JamiroFan2000~

It certainly was amazing to watch on Capital FM, but how did you guys, Steve was it? and Charlotte? manage to get free tickets? All of us on the Jamily websites tried the competitions and only a few got in. Hope you had a fabulous time - it sounded like it from the way the crowd livened up later! But it also sounded like a press convention ("cameras everywhere") from JK? I danced all night at home though, thanks to everyone at the virtual gig and Capital FM! It was so much fun and its great to see the photos now and really looking forward to Friday's re-run, hope the picture's better! Lots of Love, from Runaway Maggie xxx

It was extraordinary! Super to be able to follow the gig on line. I would have given anything to be there !
Jay you are the best!

aww well i didn't get to see it..but anyways it would of been amzaing to watch and just to be bad it's their last show for the year..i want them to come to aus..but oh well oneday hehe
tez x

amazing gig,just watch...

Hi Guys

This was an amazing concert, I really enjoyed it.
I am trying to watch the video from but cannot find it anywhere?

Wish I had taken my camera like everyone else. I took pics with my phone but they don't come out as good....

anyway, if anyone can tell how to get the video working, that would be great...

I'm so glad the guys changed up the setlist and made different arrangements !!! Sounds [email protected]!!!!!! I love Radio>>Feels (Radio being a little weak in sots) but it's my favorite song!!! I love it!

David I hope there will be some video for you to put online!!!

Thanks for the great pic....~J

I can now see that they have changed the video release date to Monday...

I will keep my eyes peeled!

See ya

the gig was amazing,i think i'm gonna register on that site to watch it again.i danced through almost the whole concert(with my parents in the other room made me feel very stupid,but WHAT THE HECK!)
the gig was amazing(i have to say it once again!)jay sounded very healthy this time,and the new arrangements of the songs are fantastic-especially high times.i am very very sorry that i never was to a concert like that and if something like this doesn't happen again,i think it's gonna haunt me heheh

Yes, the show was amazing, a beautiful place, lots of party people singin' & dancing.

Hope to see online the video as soon as possible ^_^

I have many photos and 2 videos.

The first ( high times ) is online on you tube:


I red in a newspaper article that they didn't establish the record! Is it truw or not because the article was written in a very nasty way and I'd like to comment on that when this article was wrong.

now my eyes are falling off...
See ya

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