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Added on Wednesday 07 March 2007, 18:33 (GMT)

If all goes to plan, then this evening (Wednesday), the Capital Radio website (along with many other UK local radio station websites) will be streaming Jamiroquai's "secret" gig at the Scala in Kings Cross, London.

The band are expected on stage sometime after 20:30 (GMT). 

Is this Jamiroquai's first ever live concert online video broadcast?  I know there was an audio broadcast from the January 1997 Los Angeles House Of Blues gig, but video-wise, is this the first?

If you are watching the gig online and want to discuss it, then please feel free to post your comments with this news item... 

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No, I don't think this is the first live video streaming: I watched them live at the Rock in Rio festival from Portugal last year... I'm pretty sure that was live - did anyone else see it?

I have a problem:the icon "watch" on Capital Radio website where you have to click to see the gig afterwards has disappeared!! Before I verified it and it worked.But not anymore. Heeelp!

I've signed up at the capital radio website.But I wonder if I can watch the gig even if I'm not in the UK.Thanks if you can help

the qualitys poor :(

I lose audio in the end of cosmic girl and when i open the window again starts in the same place... cosmic girl...

i dont understand what happends

setlist so far: cosmic girl, space cowboy, high times. paul is doing an amazing show! the audio is quite good, but the video is kinda poor..

Im loving the new version of high times, its brilliant. And scattings back YAY!!!!!!!!!! The guitar solo sounds like its on a similar effect to guitar solo on chili peppers blood sugar sex magik. Also nice a nice little keyboard solo

IT said it for UK only unless I have a UK postal code, does anyone have a UK postal code for the rest of us.

HIGH TIMES was incredible!!!!
jonas janluka russky...i am sure u went mad there :)))

never mind Igot it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loving the bassline in the transition from radio to feels just like it should

so far
1.cosmic girl cowboy capricorn day
4.high times
7.feels just like it should

The 1997 house of blues WAS a video recording, I woke up at like 3 am to watch it online in europe. On dialup, in realvideo. Horrible quality :)

i love if i like i just do it i dontwhy they've only just started playing it live now apart fro that time on mtv

What a bassist Paul Turner is loving the slap bass in traveeling without moving. Worked so well the band sound so tight which is great just wish jay was moving around more i no he's knackered and 37. Stand up comedy is good. There about to start love foolosphy

Thanx for the tracklisting EDDI cos i'm enjoying it so much i forget whats played lol. I'm loving Time Won't Wait cos i love this song especially live!!!!!!! :-D

"IT said it for UK only unless I have a UK postal code, does anyone have a UK postal code for the rest of us."

DA14 4GG or something like that with the last 3 symbols different.

Also, the video quality is poor and it's annoying me; especially the glitches going on. The song now is weird; a mix of Love Foolosophy and Revolution 1993? o_O Oh no, it's Time Won't Wait.

I think i might have got BCD and HT the wrong way round. THey've just finished deeper underground. I love them ending on deeper underground but i want the gig to continue. Your welcome cosmic girl. Hope you are all enjoing the gig. Hope if they come back on they play Alright

Good new things in the songs...

Loving how the videos ends with 2 blokes lolling at the fact that they're live on the internets.

That was well good, don't think words could describe that lol. EDDI it was a pleasure to enjoy the gig with you, dunno if you were on myspace too, i couldn't otherwise my laptop would overload and then the gig would dissapear! Alright for the encore, though the players gone off now slim chance of that.Still a good hour and a half.

it was an amazing gig!!! ;-)
their performance, fantasic!!!
they played Radio, i like this song sooooo much!
compliment guys it was amazing!!!

Ok, it's worked! Great! Setlist after FJLIS:Use the force, If I like it I do it, TWM, Love Foolosophy, Main vein, Time won't wait, Deeper U

Fantastic gig! Horrible quality, but atleast the audio was okay. From the beginning i didn't catch cosmic girl, but it's okay. Loved the way they mixed the songs and the version of high times was supreme!

Keep on making that funky music Jamiroquai, don't ever quit!!!

Loved hearing Radio live it sounded wicked. And the way it went into FJLIS? Awesome just like LV into MV into TWW. This was better than the Rock in Rio gig online last year!!!!!!!:-D

Sorry for so many posts i keep forgetting stuff lol. Yeah Hight Times was well different loving the new arrangement of that and the other stuff. Very funky and a nice change from the same thing again and again, makes it like a whole new song. Can't wait to see what they'll come out with next year :-)

Amazing gig!!! Yes, LoveFool-MV-TWW was awesome! I want a gig like this every evening! Ahahah :)

I remember watching Chicago 99 live online too. Terrible quality, I almost went blind!

Extraordinaire, genial, great JK...
Encore, encore, encore !!!!!!!!

Just got back from the gig. First half sensational.

Hi! Not sure if anyone is still on line but I assume the gig is over (I'm in the States) ... I'm trying to watch the gig but it doesn't connect (I just get the Intel player). Do I have to wait now (I am a CR VIP) ... all your comments have got me franic ... I want to see it NOW! :)

awful quality

Capital Radio gave me an amazing birthday gift!
I got in the web by the time the band was playing Little L. Yeah, the image was more like several pictures in slow sequence, or a slowmotion movie. The transmition cut down sometimes, BUT I'M IN BRASIL!! Man, as far as it goes, perfect quality for me!! I mean... I was here, they were there, and I could listen and see them... one of the best Jamiroquai concerts I've been to, for sure!!

radiofjls was on fire!! :D I still have to catch up with the rest since lost the connection .

Talita I like your attitide! peace and good vibes for U :D

oh la la :P I just heard high times, unbelievable!!
keep it going!

no horns...

I just loved what the did with some songs !!! And thes fades... wonderful !

What a night!!! High times, luv foolosophy, time won't wait and virtual insanity all of it was amazing!!!! I can imagine the poor visual quality with all the smoke and the lights catching it I found it difficult to take pictures and I was there!!!! All the band were amazing but you have to take your hat off to Derrick he was drumming like a demon!!! With them mix/linking the songs he just kept going -tight!! I take my hat off to him what a star. Sola what a guy! I spoke to him and he even took the time to ask who I was. This was the best birthday present ever have a great break guys. x

funklvr - they did virtual insanity? we didn't see that online, was it the encore? come to jamirotalk and write a detailed review, please! here is the link, fill it with life!! we all wanna know more about it :)
... oh, and happy birthday! ;) ...CosmicMouse

Yeah, they did to Virtual Insanity as an encore. I can't remember ever seeing the band come back after Deeper Underground to perform an encore. Jay seemed truly touched by the support.

and i missed two songs
no fair!!

Quality, quality, quality gig! I have to echo all the comments about High Times, that was amazing! I have to add a caveat tho, the vast majority of the crowd were as a lifeless as cadavers, especially the guys in front of me! Oh well, even with that, it was fantastic to see Jamiroquai in a venue that small. And according to Jay Kay that's the last gig of the year! He then rambled on about Kingston, Jamaica.. Couldn't figure out if he meant they were performing there or he's just going there to relax tho.

LOVED Deeper Underground, Use The Force and Feels Just Like It Should. I have renewed appreciation for those tracks after hearing them live.

"I have to add a caveat tho, the vast majority of the crowd were as a lifeless as cadavers, especially the guys in front of me". Yep, have to agree. That is always the problem with these "invite only" gigs. It's not necessarily true fans that get all the tickets.

"Yep, have to agree. That is always the problem with these "invite only" gigs. It's not necessarily true fans that get all the tickets."

Oh well.. I'm pretty sure I made my presence felt, and the girls around me were pretty into it so I should count myself lucky! You're right tho, while I was waiting for my friend to come back from the bathroom I got to talking to this guy who supplied Paul Turner with the bass amp for the Gig In The Sky. I got the impression from this guy that there were a LOT of industry figures there, big-wig or otherwise.

what a gig!!!!!
it s been og the best gig ever!!!!
Thx to everybody for makin that event so special!!!!
Proud to be there!

Wicked gig indeed. Proud to be there too. Lovely meeting everyone as well.

One good thing about being in the front row is that you won't see those "lifeless cadavers". The business suits who were invited but not too interested in the music of Jamiroquai did not exist to me. They were behind me somewhere and thus did not exist.

Germany, Sweden, UK and Italy were represented in the front row and I'm pretty sure we made our presence felt as well.

Big thanks to the band for giving us such a great gig and so much hope for the future. The new arrangements were mental. The funk engine of Jamiroquai has many many miles left! I'm so looking forward to a new album. But first... some well deserved rest. Take it easy in Jamaica! ;-)

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