Paul Turner and REDDI

Added on Wednesday 07 March 2007, 12:32 (GMT)

An article at the ProSoundWeb website reports that Jamiroquai bassist Paul Turner has recently "joined the roster of discriminating bassists endorsing A-Designs Audio’s REDDI tube direct injection box." (whatever that means!)

Turner recalls his first experiences with the REDDI: "I did a live radio date with Jamiroquai as well as some TV performances and small gigs during the promo run for the new album and absolutely loved the REDDI. Even the BBC engineer and program producer gave it unprompted glowing reviews after hearing me A/B-ing DIs. My initial impression of it was how focused the bass sounded while remaining fat and warm. I'’s very versatile with great range – from clean to nicely driven. Jamiroquai's front-of-house engineer liked it as well, and he’s always been a huge fan and owner of another valve DI."

The full article together with a photo of Paul in the studio can be found at the ProSoundWeb website.

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Does someone speak Bassplayer language ? :) :)

A DI, or Direct Injection box is a device which balances audio. That is, duplicates the signal and, then, inverts the phase of one of the signals, and in the other end of the cable, it gets unbalanced (the inverted signal gets inverted again, so, it is possible to eliminate the noise that the signal got throughout the cable). Not only this, the DI also adapts the signal to a LINE type one (the impedance). I am bassist and sound enginner, so i must know what he is speaking about. Normally the DIs which i have used are made of transistors, so they have a good fidelity, without altering the sound, which is the opposite that Paul Turner seems to say. Hope my explanation helped. Long life to jamiroquai!!!

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