Canned Heat - Calvin Harris remix

Added on Wednesday 07 March 2007, 06:56 (GMT)

23 year old Scottish DJ/remixer/producer Calvin Harris has recently added to his MySpace page a fantastic remix of Canned Heat that he was asked to create for possible use in the 2006 vinyl release of the single.  Unfortunately the remix was not chosen for inclusion on the commercial release of the 12" so we will have to make do with the remix over at MySpace.

This past weekend Calvin was profiled on the BBC Radio 1 Trophy Twins show and if you use the BBC "Listen Again" service and listen to the Sunday 3 March show from around 1 hour 9 minutes you can hear an interview with Calvin and more of the remix (at around 1 hour 22 minutes).

Although the remix didn't make the cut, Calvin said that " was amazing to hear the parts to the track, the strings and Jay's voice on their own sound incredible!"

Calvin's excellent new single, entitled "Acceptable In The 80s", is available as a digital download now and will be on full sale next week - 12 March.  Calvin is all over the internet with an official site at, and two MySpace sites.

Credit: Joey Swarbrick

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wow calvin's remix of Canned Heat actually aint half bad!

i love it! it's totally different. If that was on Itunes i would buy it right now. grrrr

Please somebody convince Sony to release this with the MAW remix on the flip. Why not release this as the 6th remix pack - absolutely criminal if this remains unreleased!

one of the best re-mixes of jamiroquai i have ever heard. I would down load it if i knew how to.


i love this remix.. yeah, mr dance, is different to the others remixes of canned heat! ^^

very different from the other remixes... its very very cool!

hahaha cool

Maybe a little gothic version to listen at the Nosferatu´s castle but... so nice.

Fan-f---ing-tastic! Great job!

I would love to hear this version on a porn movie

Please please please get this released, it's amazing I want a copy!! :)

Didn't like it very much... specially after all these live versions we've been alble to listen... jamiroquai is a live band for me (not much of a synthethic one). The acoustic version of love foolosophy is lovely though.

I would like to politely disagree with Talita. Although Jamiroquai are very much a live band, just as much of the widespread success has been driven by "synthetic" remixes which have graced the world's dancefloors for a decade and a half. With renound remixers such as Masters at Work on board from the outset, Jamiroquai would be transformed into an important force through the development of house music. Other remixers such as Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry, David Morales and Bob Sinclair have defined their careers by adapting Jamiroquai's tracks for, not necessarily for a different audience, but for an alternative situation. Only Depeche Mode, the Pet Shop Boys and New Order have managed to consistently achieve dual success with live performances and DJ friendly remixes in my opinion. I do feel that Jamiroquai have actually achieved this more successfuly that those above - maybe on a par with new order.

Anyway, as a DJ, I just felt that I would voice my opinion but also fully understand that the remixes aren't always to everybody's taste (although CH remix has brilliantly updated Canned Heat to the current dancefloor trend IMO) ;) I have seen the band live (amazing!!!!!!!!!!!) so feel i am in a position to comment. Please feel free to disagree, or agree.....

Love it!! very creative!

What the flick is wrong with Sony? THIS IS REMIX NIRVANA. A HEAVEN SENT FLOORFILLA!!! What amazes me though, that of all these things that happen to most artists, it has NOTHING to do with true talent such as Calvin's. It's the question of MONEY, THE ROOT OF ALL THINGS BAD. Will it sell? Ask John Heder.

Times Online Article about Calvin Harris:
Further remixes for his childhood hero Jamiroquai and Brazil’s buoyant CSS followed, and Nelson introduced Harris to Minogue, his most celebrated charge.

This remix is pretty good cause it respects the soul of the song and it adds many effects (and a cool bass), not only a supid beatbox like many other DJs did it before...

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