Watch Jamiroquai's Intel gig live online

Added on Tuesday 06 March 2007, 13:41 (GMT)

The Jamiroquai concert being held as part of the Intel/PC World partnership will be available to watch live online via the Capital Radio website.

I would expect that things will start sometime after around 8:30pm (GMT) on Wednesday (7 March).

Members of the Capital Radio "VIP Club" will also be able to watch the gig for the next four weeks. 

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hi here with jonas now and had a wonderful day racing with jay yesterday, will be at the gig on wed night - see you there!

My birthday's tomorrow.
I'll watch the gig online as a gift to myself. Only live could be better.
Miss this energy.
Kisses and kisses.

sera la primera vez que veo un concierto de jamiroquai y como pinta parece ser que sera magnanimo!!!!!!
¡viva the cesar's Jazz , viva Jamiroquai!

I think we have to pay if we want to watch the gig online , or not?
can someone explain me? please?

it said joining is free but I am hesitant


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