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Added on Wednesday 28 February 2007, 22:54 (GMT)
Gig In The Sky

This is a quick news item to say that I have returned from the Gig In The Sky and it was awesome.  I hope you enjoyed the updates that were posted at during Tuesday.  I now have to sort through all the photos that I took, both on the plane and also in Athens, so stay tuned for an exclusive gallery over at in the coming days.  For now, here is a taste of what's to come.

In the meantime in case you missed it, the setlist from on-board the plane was as follows:

  • Radio (first time it was ever played live), Feels Just Like it Should, High Times, If I Like it I do it, Travelling Without Moving, Runaway (encore)

Once the plane landed in Athens the band performed for over 90 minutes with the following setlist:

  • Cosmic Girl, Space Cowboy, High Times, Black Capricorn Day, Little L, Radio, Feels Just Like It Should, Use The Force, If I Like It I Do It, Travelling Without Moving, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, Deeper Underground

There is a large selection of photos available now at the Getty Images website (if the link doesn't work properly just search for Jamiroquai), although if you wait a while you'll be able to get some exclusive watermark-free shots from  Additionally, a short video clip with footage from the plane is available on the website.

Credit: Lorry Gotenmalm (video link)

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cheers david - i hope you had a high times and thanks for all the work your a pro - a very lucky one!

Hey david!!!
Welcome back on earth!!!!
Im so happy u have had the chance to live this great experience!
Great pictures, as always!


Thanks David :D

I second that! Thanks a lot David... That pic is just terrific!!
I'm sure this gig was really something, cheers!

Yeah, so glad you got to go :D There will never be another gig like this again im sure...

Hey David, looking forward to your other photos!

Nice photos but I can't seem to get the video footage.

nice photo, im waiting for more.
this gig was the most special, that's sure.
was ''supersonic'' lol

Thanks David!


You know what though, unless ive missed it as ive not read a paper today/listened to radio, there doesnt seem to be any english media reports?.. If thats right, as usual they dont seem to get the recognition they deserve in this country...

Thanks for the new, David! :)
Sure, you enjoyed the concert!! :)

Fantastic pictures and video. We can feel the vibe over here. Hurry up, Dave. We're excited to see the best shots!

Great to have you back David - and great photo - can't wait to see more :) :) :)


Congratulations to the band, and the photo's look wicked!


Thanks David, glad you all got back safe and sound! Thanks to all who were there for the reviews and photos! xx


Thanks for the updates David, I'm sure you had a great flight :D

David, i want to be u right now, to have Xperienced all this Cosmicness!!... ; )

Thank you David!

Thanks fot the updates David!!!. we want to see moreeee.Congrats

amazing day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much david for you

Great work, as usual ! Thanks !!! Very nice you could expierence this wonderful event !

high quality pics without watermarks..david u are our man :))))
cannot wait for more!

Did anyone get a bootleg of this Jamiroplane gig?

Heres the TT clip:

It contains part of radio and the end of runaway and Jay talking in english :P.
The voice is in sweden but he dosent say any news for us.


hey david finally I met you and we were worster than the paparazzi on the plane. It was a awesome time

Roy Castle would have been so proud! ;)

Hello! My contribution: I uploaded lot of info, video and pics about gig in the sky! Feels just like it should!

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