Virtual Insanity on American Idol

Added on Wednesday 28 February 2007, 22:18 (GMT)
Blake Lewis - American Idol
On the US television show American Idol, contestant Blake Lewis sung Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity. Judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul loved it, but British judge Simon Cowell felt that he was copying Jay, although he did go original by adding some scat and beatboxing at the end. Randy Jackson, did say that most viewers may not know who Jamiroquai is but they should because he is huge all over the world.  With the number of viewers that American Idol gets then this can only be good publicity for the band.
Credit: Tony Gravato, Eric Zupancich, Diego Zelaya, Suzan Tessier

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Thats excellent to hear what Randy said :)

yes guys ! it made a big impact if u check on youtube everybody is talking about it
read the comments!

I saw the performance and it was SO awesome to see someone from the States give props to my fave band! I was ALL smiles!

I really liked how Blake Lewis sang Virtual insanity! :)

I saw the video and seems like the public liked the song Virtual insanity.. the people stood up and they started to dacing.. :) that was cool..

That's what I've been saying, usa loves Jamiroquai!

I was about to watch it..but switched the channel!! ughrr! oh well...but um yes, the US should love jamiroquai :)

I think he dances like justin timberlake, not like JK,
great on what he said

UK, you can have simon back, just give usa Jamiroquai!

:) yes, in that im agree with you, Marco, he danced like justin.. I think he has that style.

in germany theres been a guy (philippe) on popstars singing (and also beatboxing) virtual insanity, and his version was much better than this one...

Brilliant exposure for jamiroquai!! I thought JT too, not JK, not raw funk, manufactured funk.

Just watched it on youtube.. hmmm not a patch on our Jay.. but hey, fair play for him picking it!

God I hate Simon Cowell, he really is scum. scuzzy bear, you can have him!

Hey guys I've just noticed something, and i'm going to be really cynical.

Randy Jackson (from Wikipedia) has also worked as an executive, spending eight years as vice president of artists and repertoire (A&R) at Columbia Records and four years heading A&R at MCA Records.[1]

Could this possibly be an attempt by Columbia to finally publicise JMQ, bit late but welcome if true!!

I live in the US and it was breath taking to hear recognition and positive comments about my favorite group JAMIROQUAI!!!! Especially on the day of their Gig in the Sky!!!! I was on cloud nine!!!!! To me Blake Lewis did a great job.

Blake if uou look at his Idol bio does lkist Jamiroquai as on of his favorite artists. So it looks to me, that by doing it, he must be a big fan.

If anyone watched Idol, you will notice that Sanjaya Malakar, has a little physical resemblence to Jay, but even stranger is that he almost has the same tone of voice. I am/was really hoping that Sanjaya would do a Jamiroquai song, because I really think he could knock it of the ball park, instead of the dreadful songs he has been doing.

will this be shown on itv2 over the weekend if so i'll try and catch it.

Just shows me good Jay is. Athletisism. This guy..abbrevieated the song...still ran out of Simon said. The beatbox noises...were a nice addition. But the jazzy jazzy scattiness..and energy..of Jay..was missing. Jay got that from his mother...dragging him around jazz gigs. And Jay is an "Electrical Storm" I cant even sing along with him without losing my breath.

Here you can find the video :


From Examiner.Com...

Blake Lewis, 25

» Bothell, Wash.

Blake’s performance of “Virtual Insanity” (great song!) was by no means original but by all means awesome. The beat-boxing? B-minus. And yes, Randy, we have heard of Jamiroquai.

Turn up or tune out? The best male showing of the week bumped Blake up into a dead heat for Best Male Performer. (An honor similar to Most Articulate Caveman.) Turn up.

the guy was rubbish he sang it like a stupid american out of a boy band and that rubbish in the middle, god awful!!!

this dude SUX, cant even hold a candle to JAY KAY!!!!

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