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Added on Thursday 01 March 2007, 12:11 (GMT)

The Sun newspaper (UK) has today (Thursday) printed what is an accurate report and interview from the Gig In The Sky and not what was put together by the Mirror newspaper on Wednesday.

"If I was a taxi my light would be off this year. I just want to be doing ordinary things, things I don't get to do like go to the pub or go shopping.  I am a free agent which is a nice position to be in. There have been other offers, but there are so many things to consider.  We'll investigate a new record label but for now we're busy rebuilding the studio at home."

Talking about the performance on-board the flight he said:

"It was the weirdest thing I have ever done. I have been know to stand up and stagger around on planes but that is usually when I am inebriated en route to Santiago." 

The full story can be found at The Sun website.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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now i believe it!

This article wasnt in my edition of the sun i bought in the north-west(m/cr)so thanks David for putting it on here otherwise I'd have missed it!

here's how NME has put it:

really happy Jay Kay is staying with Jamiroquai and going to make more music. saw Jamiroquai in concert in Cardiff and Glasgow in 2005 they were brilliant.

yeah! :) Happy Jay will be investigating a new record label!

I think Jay can take this year for do all the things he want....
But please please don´t leave the music.... we need it and im sure Jay need it too.

I hope listen good news later this year.

I hate the mirror i had people coming up to me today saying sorry edd i heard about jamiroquai splitting. Hopefully now all the talk of jamiroquai splitting would be putto rest, and have a great break guys and see you next year.

Jamiroquai: "No retirement"
(Thursday March 01, 2007 02:42 PM)

Jay Kay has denied claims that he has quit the music business.

The Jamiroquai star was widely reported to have decided to retire yesterday, after his record deal with SonyBMG expired.

However, these suggestions were today completely denied by both his camp and the star himself, in a statement.

Kay, who released a greatest hits compilation album last year, entitled "High Times", insisted "there's no way I'm quitting the music business."

He explains: "As usual they got it wrong for a cheap headline! All I said was that we're taking a bit of time out to get the studio refurbished and we'll be back making music in a few months time.

"Now I am out of my long contract with SonyBMG we have so many options open to us we're just going to take our time and get it right - it's just getting interesting!"

The above was from Yahoo!

"when I am inebriated en route to Santiago."

what does that mean ???? Santiago de Chile ? wtf ?? i dont get british slang !!
please someone explain !!

me no speaka british, what does inebriated mean?

inebriated = drunk (from alcohol, normally!)

Found this article from Australian JB HiFi MAG (music store in Australia) and thought it was pretty interesting, in relation to The Mirror article: (article link to the MAG) (article link to the Guardian)

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