Watch Jamiroquai's 1994 performance from Taratata

Added on Friday 23 February 2007, 23:29 (GMT)

In November 1994 Jamiroquai performed Space Cowboy on French television show Taratata.

If you visit the Taratata website and watch the video at the bottom right of the homepage (Taratata no.204), after the first song you can watch Jamiroquai's performance of Space Cowboy.

UPDATE: The video is no longer on the homepage of the site, so if someone can tell people how to find it that would be great (just least a news comment), but if you want to download the full FLV (Flash Video) file and play it using something like Macromedia Flash or VLC, then a there is a direct download URL (193mb).

Credit: Severine

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and in this kind of "guestbook" is a message of jamirqouai..
is that the orginal handwriting?

"to ???...and everyone at taratat
good luck in 1994 and future
see u soon!

"to... NAGUI and everyone at TARATATA" (who present this show since his creation.)
and I'm quite sure that it's the original handwriting of JK
I suppose JK remember this invitation in France at his start, and hope he will be back in this show (more appreciated by french fan than.......STAR ACADEMY......)

wasn`t this the gig where derrick was hired?

Marco: not Derrick but Sola...:)

What can I say ? Stuart is a master...

Thank you so much, david! =D

Not sure if the direct download url is supposed to play in my browser... it won't. But the page in my history with it can be seen at
Performers are listed here:


*on this day in history* i loved the upside down performance with diana ross..
thanks for this feature david..always interesting to read :)

thanks david and severine i looooooooove it.

was anyone able to download it?

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