Clarion HMI micro-site launched

Added on Sunday 25 February 2007, 16:40 (GMT)
Clarion HMI

In December 2006 Japanese car navigation and audio manufacturer Clarion announced that Jamiroquai would be promoting their "Clarion H.M.I. (Human Mobile Music Media Interface)" brand slogan for the coming year. is the newly launched Clarion and Jamiroquai global campaign web site, featuring music videos staring Jamiroquai and a host of product and other information. There are some great photos and also desktop background images that are designed as a calendar for 2007.

Credit: Elodie B, Takae

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fantastic style..although i am not really a carfan..but i would like to have this one now lol..

the pic with jay kay pointing towards the camera reminded me of"a funk odyssey"
also the "not jamiroquai" music fits well to the site..

:) thumbs up

lovely car!!!not a car,lovely SPACESHIP!

jay promotes a car that he dont drive?

i think this would have been an excellent music video for that album - fits in with the theme very nicely indeed. I do love that track too.
wooooo! clarion - feels good! lol

Fantastic pics in high resolution and finally a Feels good video (although it is commercial) but I like it. Hope someone can extract it from flash :-)


hey you can rip it with fraps i have that programm anywhere with a key maybe ill try something but the people are sometimes quicken than me^^

dammnzzz that felt so good :D yay! agree jaamerica that thing IS a spaceship; what I'd imagine jay driving :P

what a great mix on the full length add/video they should release it, really smooth! The sat.nav. looks amazing and so too the quality of the video - cool!
(I will be pinching some pics from this!)


The video is EXCELLENT! I LOVE IT.. DAMN!!! :)
Is great, and the pictures of Jay.. oh, I dont have words.. Thanks so much David, Elodie B and Takae for this incredible new..

And now I just hope have that videos.

Hey maxud,
please rip it, or take a view at jamirotalk in that topic. Our cracks there still have not found a solution and I can not run another programme on my old computer. Thanks :-)

Track 2 from the REALLY reminds me of a JMQ outtake from the studio. I'm wondering if the band did a one-off for this project...great vids too. The volume bars around Jay remind me of the discofloor blocks in the Little L video, how they moved up and down.

Of course, all of this means jack if it's a bad car. Thankfully, this is awesome. Jaamerica's spot on. Wonder when this baby will hit U.S. shores...

Nice promotion but... is a ecological car?????

Jay looks great in the car - I like the 'making of' vid the best :) :) :)


It's "good" to see jamiroquai' becoming a support for advertising and marketing...

i do hope that one of the tracks is a one off jami track :)

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