Jay takes his scooter out for a ride

Added on Friday 23 February 2007, 09:06 (GMT)

The Sun newspaper (UK) has today (Friday) printed a photo of Jay riding around London's Notting Hill district of London.  In order to make a news story they picked up on the fact that Jay is smoking "a suspicious-looking roll-up" whilst riding his scooter!

Regular visitors may recall that Jay bought the Vespa scooter late last year. 

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Please don't relate this kind of sh*tty newspaper anymore.

"Jay Kay got a scooter. He is smoking"

Wow, what a brilliant and interesting one ...

what the!!!
arent they supposed to be promoting this - gig in the sky with a comp???
now there givin him grief???

this is just why i dont buy this paper and also since hilsborough.

also, as far as i know, you can roll tobacco and smoke it

...and smokin it when u ride a VESPA s a very kewl sensation!
Go JK!

it´s "the sun"..what did u expect *rolls eyes*

is it pink?!?!?

lol those people should REALLY get a life.and a brain transplantation.

Cool Jay! :) He take a little ride in london

If is was something else than just tabacco. It would be a waste because his smoke would last WAY shorter than normally!
And even if it was something else.....LET HIM!

Jay shouldnt be smoking while he is riding :P

But is good heard news about him..

Really, I think The Sun should win an award for journalistic excellence with this article. I mean... just so profound... Immaculately researched... I'm gonna need a minute to digest its weight ;)

It's the people at The Sun who are smoking 'suspicious' cigarettes if they think this is newsworthy!!!

che bella vita fa Jason Kay! Lavorare seriamente, no?!

I hope this dosent affect Jay's 1 year 'Caution' HA HA, they would have to submit him to a drug test::: that's B*[email protected]!!! maybe it's hashish!!!!???? tobacco and herb!???? NO one will ever know anyway....the paparazi are so lame.....when are they gonna learn...these are high times!!!!

as i think, jay now use the vespa...yeah, we have a better future for jamiroquai, he is using a bike intead of his cars...dont forget to run acording to the speed limits jay, a bike is really unsafe in high speed.

The usual trash (I refuse to read tabloids) but even worse the daft woman critizises him wearing 'a huge helmet' don't you mean an Arai the best, safest helmet in the world? Good on you Jay!!(typical unresearched two-bit journalism and this person gets paid for writing this).

HERE WE GO AGAIN,....THE SUN ...ONLINE...SHOWING JAY SMOKING A CIG ON A SCOOTER AND A NICE PROMOTOPN FOR KIA MOTERS UNDERNETH......all i can say is 'Dont buy the Sun' ..Justice 96! hillsborough justice campaign

I wonder what kind of Puff one can get in london...
He is indeed a space cowboy let the man ride!

He could have given me a lift home!!! *tutt* ;)

WONDERFULL WORK FROM THIS NEWSPAPER( this must be on the first page)
"i just want to runaway"
la la la la la

And the award more the most insightful, well written and intellectual article of the century goes to...a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters. And I thought the papers in Australia were bad.

He is a grown man riding a motor scooter give him some respect and privacy. DONT ASSUME1!!! wHEN YOU ASSUME YOU MAKE A ASS-U-ME!!!!!!!!

why dont all jamirofans boycott the sun.

why doesnt the sun just leave people alone. i can see the suns side of the table if it was a real reason to slag jay off but it isnt. i dont think even the biggest jamirofans would care that jay rode a scooter. dont bother reading the article read my summarization

"jay rode a scooter while smoking a fag"

the thing that i think when seeing this is that if i saw that article about someone i didnt know i would assume it was true so my final thought

Yea Janie you are right! you must remember that ownership of the tabloids in Oz is under the exact same ownership in the UK, Mr Keith Rupert Murdoch may ring a bell. :)

Snolan...The Sun is a proper SKUM newspaper that really should not be allowed to be published, The thought that a group of monkeys can influence a nation is sickening to the bone.

Whatever the situacion I would always like to hear about my lovely Jay ;)

If Jay was going to smoke a hooter on a scooter he'd smoke a fatter onr than that.I cant tell which Jay is skinnier

i agree with scuzzy bear. if he's going to toke on a smoke whilst veranding on his vespa, atleast make it a fat jay, jay! (smoking is bad children of the world)

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