Rob Harris blog update - new baby

Added on Tuesday 20 February 2007, 22:55 (GMT)

Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris has posted the following message to his MySpace blog, which announces the arrival of a new baby into the Harris family.  The message reads...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007, New Arrival

Haven't left a message on here for a while. Had nothing much worth writing about till now.Just pleased to announce the arrival of our baby daughter on Sunday the 18th.We've named her Liberty and of course she's gorgeous.right,must buy some more nappies.R

Congratulations to you all from us at and I'm sure all the fans of the band. 

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Heartfelt congratulations to the new babie!
I wish Ur new little daughter a lifetime of good health and happiness. And to U , Rob and Lady - unending joy in watching Ur little angel grow and discover the wonders around her.


Oh Wow congrats dad!!!!


*beautiful* congratulations rob and family on your blessing.

Wonderful news!

Congratulations Rob and Family :)

Congratulations dad !!!! All the best for you and your family ! Enjoy baby-time !

Mate, that's wonderful news! Many congratulations to you and your family, God bless and keep you all mate!


great news!

congratulations on your new baby girl!

"Félicitations" en français !

congratulations! what a pure hapiness! :-)
liberty is a wonderful name

Yeah, that's a beautiful name. Congratulations Rob to you and your family.

Felicidades!!!! Congratulations !!!!

What WONDERFUL news Rob - I'm so happy for you and your family - congratulations to you all on her safe arrival :) :) :)


Congratulations Rob!

FANTASTIC!!.. Beautiful baby girl brings big love. all the best for you and your family.


Congratulations Rob and family! That's wonderful news!


wow.. such a great news! Congratz!!! Wishing the whole family the best time ever! ^_^

my best congrats!! what a lovely name! :)

A big congratulations to you all Rob!!! Lovely news!!

congratulations!!!(prepare your self for hell in the next 20 years lol)

Great news. Congratulations!

Oh! :) Congratulations Rob!!!!!
I hope you are well and happy.. Obvious you're happy!
^^ I can imagine..
it's a beautiful new.

Congratulations Rob! wish you and your family sweet times with you new baby girl :o)

Congratulations Rob and family!!! Wow the jamily is growing fast XD

congrats rob and the best wishes from argentina.
dont forget, family first.

Congratulations!!! Best wishes to you & your family :)


Congratulations Rob and your your family!! Best wishes!!

congrats Mr Harris!Thats top wishes!

ohhhhhhhhhh!! Congratulations Rob and family !!!!!!!!!

... the jamily is growing

Congratulations on the news! Best wishes for the lovely new arrival (Liberty is a beautiful name) and the whole family!:-)


Congratulations!!! We received the good news of the new baby..... We hope it will be a great notice for all your family......The born of a new memeber of a family is great.......I hope that your new baby give you and your wife more love, happiness and I hope too that this baby make you still grooving and working hard......

Good Vibes and Best Wishes...
The Funky Tank Girl

Congratulations Rob and family! What marvellous news! And welcome to the world, Liberty! :)

bravo Rob, congrats, good health and happiness to the Harris brood...enjoy..I am sure Liberty will be well looked after by her big brother..



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