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Added on Tuesday 20 February 2007, 06:25 (GMT)

If you're a regular visitor to then you probably know this already, but if not, then we thought we should let you know that the site recently (11th February) celebrated its fifth birthday.

Back in 2002 a small site called appeared on the net and over the past five years has turned into an absolutely superb forum for discussing anything and everything related to Jamiroquai.

It's right up to date with the latest news and has a great community feel, with a number of officers, moderators, experts and correspondents who spend much of their free time helping ensure the site is friendly and informative.

If you've not visited before then you really should, and if you have visited it before, why not visit the birthday thread, say hello (apologise for being a week late - just blame funkin!) and join in the fun...

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"just blame funkin"
i can only agree with what is said above :)
jamirotalk and are working together aswell..the jamily is such a tight big and lovely community..i am proud to be part of it ! :)

:) Thanks for all, David!! xxx

Five years and still funkin'!
I love the jamily spirit...

Happy birthday to all involved. You're work is endless, and so much appreciated.
Much love, Zed.

Sorry, that was a 'your'.

great site, incredible people!

A pleasure being part of that site! Happy birthday


Congratulations and long long life !!!

long life jamirotalk ¡¡¡¡

by the way...i will suggest a new

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