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Added on Monday 19 February 2007, 22:28 (GMT)

After the sad news recently that Luger, one of Jay's dogs had died, the person who recently created the World That He Wants video (SnappHF), has created a really well put together a video featuring clips from many of Jamiroquai's videos and photos of Jay and his dogs to the music of Picture Of My Life.  Great work.

Check out Picture Of My Life now at now or visit to download a higher quality version.

Credit: Goran Soder

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Genius video.

What a beautiful, beautiful video :) :) :)


how i can download the video?
i cant find a link for start
by the way i cant download the world that he wants video too...damn

Beautiful video! I love Jay...!

very well put together tribute. brings a tear to the eye.

sad to hear this

oh sorry, i understood the creator of the vid had died! glad to know it was a miseunderstood by me

lol jamirokaki!!!!i guess it's david's fault for not putting a point at the end of the sentence!

I love the video...He did a great work! :) And He chose a really good song "Picture of my life".. I love that song! ^^

OK, i've changed the text ever so slightly but I think I've got my commas not quite in the right place. I've never been very good at punctuation.

Very beautiful video!!!

lol! this is so funny.
i think there's still an extra comma there

"...of Jay's dogs had died, the person who recently created the World That He Wants video (SnappHF)->,

I don't like videos like this. It make feel like Jay s already dead.

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