Matt Johnson at the Antwerp Harbour Jazz & Soul Festival

Added on Wednesday 21 February 2007, 07:00 (GMT)

The website (Netherlands) has announced that Jamiroquai keyboard player Matt Johnson will be performing as part of the Antwerp Harbour Jazz & Soul Festival which takes place in May of this year.

UPDATE: Please read the comments to this news item as it looks like this is news that is new to Matt!

Credit: Peggy Timmermans

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Here are the comments that have been left in relation to this news item. The most recent comment is at the end. is a Belgian radio (we seperated from the Netherlands some years ago...).
According to the information Matt Johnson will be part of the jamsession (together with Tony Remy and Craig David).

First I heard of it!

lol.. so this is just a rumour then? ...Meike

and i was already hoping for a live recording hehe..
maybe another matt johnson performing there?

matt.. so nobody even has asked u to perform yet???....weird

"...en volgt er als surprise act nog een jamsessie om van te smullen… Wat zou u zeggen van o.a. Matt Johnson (o.a. Jamiroquai) op de keyboards, Tony Remy (o.a. Craig David) aan de guitar, Gary Barnacle (o.a. Tina Turner) op de sax ?"

This is a copy-paste from the site...they specifically refer to Jamiroquai.
If it is true that Mr. Johnson doesn't know about it, isn't there any way we prevent fans from buying a 40 euro ticket just to see a musician that doesn't know he is supposed to be there...
I contacted the festival organisation, hope they can give some clues...
(I hope Nate James and Matt Bianco know they're supposed to show up...)

thanks krisje...

great festival

maybe ill go to that

just to see matt and incognito^^

or only

I will surely try to go, I received an email from the organisation and it sounds interesting.

To add to matt's comment of "first i've heard of it" and this gig he is suppose to be doing for crooze fm, just ask him through david on this website and no doubt david will be able to get a very honest answer for you which will come direct from matt himself!!!!!!! If not ask matt himself on his myspace page and if still in doubt ask me!!!!!
I cannot believe people are promoting us on their festivals and gigs as if we are playing and we do not know the first thing about it. Whoever and whatever is doing this please stop as you will have some very very angry people at your gigs if certain acts do not turn up, this is not the first time this has happened. When we are doing any kind of performance we will most definitely let you know without a shadow of a doubt!!!!!!
much respect and i am very sorry if you have been mislead.



First, thank you (Derrick and) David for writing down the extra warning.
I contacted both and the festival organisation, last wednesday. So far only reacted, saying they only published the presstext that was provided to them by the organisation.
Until now, no one of the festival organisation has given any reaction. But I must say, that I couldn't find Matt Johnsons name anywhere on their site...

As to the kind remark of Derrick, suggesting we should ask Matt himself, I simply took his message above for genuine and I didn't want to take any more of his time. And again, thank you Derrick, for putting down the words that I (and I think many others) were thinking about misusing someones name...

To Krisje; if you could not find the name of Matt on the website than maybe you have not read it all.
I quote:
'In totaal staan er 7 groepen op het podium en volgt er als surprise act nog een jamsessie om van te smullen… Wat zou u zeggen van o.a. Matt Johnson (o.a. Jamiroquai) op de keyboards, Tony Remy (o.a. Craig David) aan de guitar, Gary Barnacle (o.a. Tina Turner) op de sax ? Samen met nog een 10 tal andere wereldtoppers brengen zij voor u een nooit eerder geziene jamsessie. Mis deze primeur niet !'

I have just copied this now from the Crooze FM Webpage. Please do not think that i am inventing something here, I would never contact David with certain information if i did not read or found it. And I certainly would never make a trip of 4.000 KM to go and see somebody play if i knew they would not be there !!! I found this information about two weeks ago on the net.

Maybe this is useful:
I quote from the Antwerp Harbour Jazz Festival page:

'Colin Graham (o.a. Simply Red , Jamiroquai , …) sprak van de start van iets groots.

‘This thing is all about the passion for music’

I am deeply sorry that this webpage gives wrong information out and thank Matt and Rob for their comments.

Hereby the link:

Just a quick note of thanks to everyone who's commented and discussed this news item (including of course Matt and Derrick). Quite often many of the full band gigs that are announced on this site have not even been confirmed by the bands management. This is often the case with summer festivals where lineups are announced before the band has signed paperwork to say that they will be there!

To Peggy,
I'm sorry if I have given you the idea that I didn't believe or trust you, for that is not the case. Maybe I didn't expres myself very well, for English is not my native language.I apologise for that.
I only wanted to help and to prevent others from disappointment.
I think David is right, this is probably a misunderstanding due to a preliminary announcement. I hope the festival organisation will correct this on there website...that's all.
Best regards and a lot of fun for those who are going, and especially for those who are going into the sky...

Thanks Krisje.

this just should us make aware of that we only can really trust in official announced dates and locations..
as derrick said..connected with myspace we will get the CORRECT news always from first hand :)

thanks for this matt, derrick and also rob for this opportunity. it takes up time to read messages, write blogs...this makes us fans so happy !

Lucky i didnt book any tickets!


i saw the guy s with an old french singer francis lalanne i;they were in a studio with him and the guy said they will do a gig with him in paris;it s weird because the album HIS AWFULL AND THE GUY HAS NO SUCCES IN FRANCE FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS! IS IT TRUE?

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