Paul Turner - Down To The Bone

Added on Sunday 11 February 2007, 22:09 (GMT)

Before joining Jamiroquai, bassist Paul Turner performed with a band called Down To The Bone.  Well, they have just released a "Best Of" album in the US, entitled "The Best of Down to the Bone" and it includes one of the tracks that Paul performed on.

To have a listen, head over to the Giant Step website and listen to track 7 - Electra Glide. 

Credit: Claudia Toledo, Deesha Dyer

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Down to the bone is an amaxing band of funk. I didn't know Paul was there for a while!

happy of listening that paul was working with that band =D

Wow...I also didn't know Paul Turner was bassist of this band. I like Down to the Bone a lot... always listen to bands like that, and Lo-fidellity All Stars, which is very nice also.
How ignorant can we be...

nice tunes. nothing spec though, like radio break- background music...

thats a nice tune the problem with funk is that apart from james brown and jamiroquai i wouldn't know where to start. if all the albums songs are as funky as electra glide i will get the cd woot

somewhere in the middle ? How about that ?

there is also a contest on the Giant Step website to win this album. fyi - you have to be a USA citizen and age 13 or over, and registered member of the Giant Step website (which is free). contest ends on march 7, 2007:

I dunno if I dig that...I think FT had it right. It's pleasant to listen to, but it's a bit too languid for my tastes.

I love their music, but I must admit that ft is right, a lot of radios use "down to the bone" as background music.

Love the band, never knew paul was there!!

DTTB is a super group with a real sound. Moreover, if I don't make mistake, I think "the Genius" Adrian Revell (Sax) is one of the bandmember. How can it sound bad with all these amazing musicians ? :) Long life to u men !

I think that is great to know that Paul Turner is from Down to the Bone. I have all there CD's. Also it's great driving music.

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