Intel "Secret Gig" to be broadcast?

Added on Monday 12 February 2007, 21:26 (GMT)

According to website, the concert being held on 7 March as part of the Intel/PC World promotion will be "streamed on London's Capital FM."

Personally, I think they may have their information confused with last years gig at the Mean Fiddler in London which was broadcast on Capital Radio (it is no longer called Capital FM) and also available on the Capital website.  Lets hope I'm proved wrong and we do get to hear this gig... 

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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i hope we get a good broadcast of it!

on another side, i want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! have a great day, and thank you for everything you do for this community!
much love, Marina

yes abroadcast should be made^^

Marina: ssshhhh. Don't tell everyone! :)

Thank you.

david i think everyone knows that ^^


happy birthday dave, and thanks for give to all the fans this great site
is the first place where u go when u need to find info about jamiroquai, u can be proud of that.

I'd hope this will be broadcast.. But I'm going to be there! :D

Happy Birthday Dave!

I Won and got tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyone live in london and want to offer a floor to sleep on?

"Tickets for the performance in the capital, which is being sponsored by Intel, will be available to Capital FM listeners first before going on nationwide sale to fans of the band."

Happy birthday David !

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